Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thrilled To Be Awake

I thought about not posting this until Monday night since that is actually the end of this weekend but since we're doing something interesting Monday, I figured I'd try to save that for next week in case the other 6 days are duds.
How's that for a snapshot of what passes for quality control around here.

Around the house Riley is really amazing us with words.
He has a few truly clear words and phrases, but lots more recognizable stuff.
I just wish I could know whether or not he thinks he is actually saying something when he babbles gibberish, or if he's just making noise.

He's become a big fan of the bubble machine.
At the rate that he plays with it, we're going through 6 AA batteries a week and over a half gallon of bubbles.

The next time we try to wash the patio off we're going to have a slippery sudsy mess.

Week 75 002
Week 75 009

He's also become a big fan of the customized 4 wheeler his Uncle Jake gave him for his birthday.

For quite a while he's been riding it a little indoors, but we've brought it outside this week and he has been unstoppable.

Week 75 013
Week 75 023

We hadn't charged it from April until now, but it's on its second charge already this week.

He loves riding in and out of the ditch, even though he usually requires a little extra boost to make it out.

Week 75 017
Week 75 020

He's got good instinct, and surprisingly naturally knew how to lean and ride it out when he got into a squirrely off camber situation.

Week 75 034
Week 75 033

He also learned a lesson in watching where you drive when he took a jarring ride off the edge of the driveway.

Week 75 028

He's gonna love the Jeep (if we ever get offroad again)

Wednesday he got a visit from Whitney (his strollermate at last year's Heartwalk) and her Mom, Emily, who were in from Japan. They played well while we grilled Emily about all of the differences between being in cajun country and being on a military base 7 hours from the nearest hospital in Tokyo.

Week 75 051

But Emily and Whit weren't the only guests in the house this week.

We also rolled the dice of fate and invited in the bogey man, aka Peanut Butter.

Week 75 079

The Establishment recommends they not try it until they are 2, just in case they are allergic.
A real peanut allergy can be very dangerous and I guess an older kid can handle a reaction better.
But since Establishment recommendations are like Google Maps' travel times (they are always overestimated) we ran the real world test early and he apparently passed with flying colors. Quite a relief (especially since he ended up crawling around in peanut shells at Saturday's football game)

Friday afternoon Riley visited Poppy at work and, as usual, marveled at the 'copters.

Week 75 063

Week 75 356

He then tried something new, wherein he got a chance to use the skills developed on his four wheeler.

Oh, and by skills, I mean complete lack of skills.

Irregardless, (not a real word, people) he got his first shot at driving a golf cart.

Oh, and by driving, I meal lightly gripping the wheel and allowing the terrain to point the tires in random, jerky directions.

Week 75 053


Friday Joan got all pre-prison Marth Stewarty and made some red velvet cakeball lollipops, appropriately themed for Saturday's happenings.

Week 75 086
Week 75 088

Saturday was the first real day of the college football season.
More precisely though, it was the first day of tailgating season.
Our set up has improved this year with the addition of bracketry we built on Thursday to support a TV, receiver, speakers and a laptop full of tunes.

Week 75 094
Week 75 090
Week 75 092

Despite the heat, there was a good crowd.
The heat was not kind to Joan's cake creations which went from picturesque baked good to impaled balls of goo.
"Before" shots only, so as to save you from the horror.

Week 75 089

Riley had plenty of folks to play with, including the newly bejeweled Ms Traci.

Week 75 118 copy

Because we're in the corner of a fenced in area, Riley can safely mingle amongst the people, and play catch with Mr Steve O.

Week 75 114
Week 75 128

Week 75 104
Week 75 103

Riley showed a little more interest in hi-5ing the players this year, but because of his hatred for sunglasses, he's still more comfy in the shade.

Week 75 149

The game was packed. From what I know, it may be the first time Southern has ever played here, and they bring a crowd with them.
Supposedly, it was a record attendance of over 41,000. Don't know if I believe that, but there were alot of people there.

Week 75 158
Week 75 159
Week 75 173

Since Riley didn't take his afternoon nap, he was less than thrilled by game time, but was entertained shortly by a book, and was just conscious enough to inappropriately use his "touchdown" exclamation.

Week 75 163
Week 75 164
Week 75 165

We spent most of the second quarter walking around and letting him interact with the camera.

Week 75 178
Week 75 183

We made it back to our seats in time for the highlight of the night, the Human Jukebox's tribute to Michael Jackson.
Throughout the first half you could tell that their sound was very strong, but they took it to the next level for the show.

Very entertaining and quite a departure from the marching bands that people in our socio-economic demographic are used to seeing (and we're marching band people)

The show was incredibly well anticipated and received by the audience.
Unlike the usual halftime exodus, everyone stayed in their seats as the band took the field (they all left once UL's band started though.)

Week 75 188
Week 75 190

Thankfully someone got a decent video of it and posted it to YouTube.
If anyone has YouTube blocked at work, check this clip out when you get home.

The whole thing is worth watching, but if you don't have 7 minutes, be sure to check out the first 45 seconds and then from 5:15 to the end.
Their Thriller is mind blowing (and was 1 million times better in person.)

Having not had his afternoon nap, Riley got more and more delirious throughout the game, and was basically a wild animal by the time the stands cleared enough for him to play with Anna and Ensley in the 4th quarter.

Week 75 204
Week 75 205

He was quite a trooper, so we treated him with a free ride back to the truck.

Week 75 210
Week 75 211

He dind't get to bed until after 10:30, his latest bedtime ever, and a waking stretch of 10 hours.
Irregardlessly (maybe now its a word), he slept late today.

Just kidding. Why would you believe that?
He was up around 7, as usual, but this week he got to read books with his nanny.

Week 75 358

Irregardless (still not a word) of the sleep deficit, he seems to be none the worse.
Unless the lowered mental capacity led him to eat apples and cream with a rice spatula.
Week 75 362
Week 75 363

Nah, he'd do that even in tip-top shape.

the end.

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