Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bites & Stings

I really wish I could tolerate blood and guts.
If I could, I'd be a doctor.
Not only would I make significantly more, but imagine the money we'd save by not paying someone to see Riley every week.

He was back at the doctor's office this week, making 4 times in the last 6 weeks.

This time, it was for a fever accompanied by no symptoms other than incredibly red and swollen mosquito bites.
My body doesn't do well with bites, but he's got me beat tenfold. One plumped his thumb up to at least double size, and another made his calf bulge out at least an inch to the side.

Joan called the nurse, who said to bring him in.
Doc said she was concerned it could be staph infected bites because she has seen a lot recently (and had actually drained two bites that morning), but it wasn't.
He's just a pale, blond kid who is going to react badly.

He did have a little congestion (after crying for 15 minutes because they weighed him), so she ran a swine flu test. He failed.
But it was probably a good idea since he was crawling around the floors of chinese and mexican restaurants last week. If it wasn't swine, it could just as easily have been bird.

So, I'll be panhandling at the corner of Camelia and Settlers Trace this week to pay for these visits (I figure that's a high dollar corner.)
Please give from your heart (and in increments no less than $10)

Given his new way of playing with his toy table, I doubt the medical visits will end any time soon.

Week 78 110
Week 79 307Week 79 308

As you will recall from last week, The Man, after referencing some chart prepared by the American Association of Fat Kids, has concluded that Riley is too skinny.

Here's a topless shot.
I think he's got a decent little gut.
About on pace for a Wallace boy.

Week 79 047

Admittedly though, he looks a little more Olsen twin-ish when he's reaching.

Week 79 044

Aside from his mosquito induced bloating, he had a pretty good week.

Thursday night he got to hang out with Mommy while Daddy, Uncle Eli and Anthill saw Blues Traveler in BR.

Blues traveler 017

because they are a jam band and pack an hour and a half of good music into a two and a half hour show, Daddy didn't get to bed until 3. Yuck!

That matters to him though because it made Daddy work from home when he finally woke up, allowed me to take Riley and Anna on some afternoon adventures.

Since the weather was nice, we took the jeep. Anna was beyond excited and kept saying, "Riley this will be so much fun."

He, being the old pro at Jeeping, played it cool while she clapped and yeehaa'd.

Week 79 008
Week 79 028

We stopped at Riley's second home, Johnson's where they both had great grilled cheese sandwiches.

Week 79 011

Next was Cypress Lake and Girard park.

Week 79 068
Week 79 079
Week 79 085

Saturday morning we met Granny Lynn & Anna's family at the Zoo where the ducks are much prettier than at Girard park, and the otter does not like to be looked at.

Week 79 111
Week 79 116
Week 79 123

As per standard operating procedure, the playground was the highlight of the visit.

Riley wasn't as interested in sliding as usual, but Anna was all about it.
She raced me down the slide, head first, and, even with my slight height advantage, she beat me by a nose hair.

Week 79 181
Week 79 192

They both discovered the tube slide this visit.

Week 79 241

Riley had fun surprising Anna at the end.

Week 79 210
Week 79 215

and then going down, head first, with the assistance of a very uncomfortably contorted Daddy.

Week 79 219
Week 79 227
Week 79 232

Our plan was to leave the zoo, have him fall asleep in the car, and wind up at the Hornets' scrimmage.

In the immortal words of Meatloaf, "Two outta three ain't bad."

Despite being sleep deprived, he did very well at the practice and made good use of the classic entertainment combination of dirt and stick as we waited in line.

Week 79 250
Week 79 257

Once inside, he wasn't interested as much in basketball as he was in playing with the "go cajuns" sign and chowing down on popcorn for the first time. (and by chowing, I mean eating a couple of pieces then raining popcorn down on Aunt Sherie in the row ahead.)

Week 79 258
Week 79 261
Week 79 274
Week 79 278

Most surprising though was how receptive he was to being approached by a 6 foot tall, fuzzy purple and blue hornet costume.

Week 79 263
Week 79 266
That's a good sign for next year's WDW trip.

All that activity was quite enough and he was comatose shortly into our 10 minute ride home.

Week 79 288

Sunday morning Mommy redid her flower bed while he helped me cook fajitas for the week on the Egg. Actually, due to the very high temps involved, I kept him a safe distance away.

Week 79 292
Week 79 290

Because meat cooks pretty quickly at over 900 degrees, he still had time to do some puddle choreography while Mommy was planting.

Week 79 294
Week 79 293
Week 79 302
(it's a shame that I had to change that last sentence after a visit to urban dictionary and finding out the phrase I originally used had a less than desirable British usage)

Now, after a trip to Barnes & Noble (then Toys r Us to buy the helicopter he played with at B&N) he's getting rides around the house from mommy in exchange for giggling hugs. She's a sucker for that.

Week 79 310

Week 79 312

Late congrats to Cousin Emily on the birth of Elijah.

Timely congrats to Cousin Allison for being Homecoming First Maid at Carencro.

Finally, as a bonus, check out this ridiculous trick shot Chris Paul made the other day in Lafayette.

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