Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ongoing Recovery

This week was spent mostly just trying to be unsick for most of the characters you see on this blog. Fortunately, everyone is almost back to normal.

Riley's big adventure this week was a Saturday spent in BR. He and Joan visited with Paul, Liz and Caroline while I squeezed in my first off road bike ride since he was born.

Next we all went to Nagoya sushi buffet, where Caroline showed off her big girl eating skills by cleaning off her plate and then eating ice cream.

week 44 036

Riley, on the other hand, showed his ability to make adults feed him a small amount of food before deciding he is bored and trying creative ways to escape the high chair.

week 44 038

He did show some involuntary culinary adventurousness when he ate a piece of raw salmon. That's 24 years earlier than either of us tried it.
We weren't worried about any sickness because we figured he could eat a bowl of e-coli right now and still be ok since he's on antibiotics.

At Nagoya, Joan got to eat ice cream for the first time in almost 9 months. Observe the sheer joy.

week 44 039

Both of the babies also got to try a Jello-like product for the first time. Riley wasn't a big fan of the flavor. Caroline though, found it to be an excellent toy.

week 44 040

She also demonstrated an inclination toward eating Jello out of small cups. So, if she's ever at a party you're at, be sure to hide the jello shots.

week 44 044

Before leaving town, we visited Heather's family where Riley honed his flirting skills amongst the many girls there.

on the way back home he slept for over an hour. We couldn't ask for anything more, because, usually, that would have made it all the way home. Sadly though we ran into a sight well known, and dreaded by anyone who travels in South Louisiana.

week 44 046

Traffic Stopped on the Basin

Movement was stop and go so we gave him a little freedom from the carseat until we got going again.

week 44 047

Sunday night he attended two Super Bowl parties. (I hope i dont owe the NFL royalties for using the term Super Bowl)

First we stopped by Judge Bouillion's party, where he spent most of the time being held by two women we've never met before. They were nice though, and he didn't mind a bit.

Next we stopped by Brad & lindsey's where he got to play with his friends Gabe and Eli D. They mostly just threw toys at each other, but in a nice way.

week 44 062
week 44 076

Earlier in the week, I found a very appropriate onesie for him at Old Navy.

week 44 054

Around the house, his latest hobby is throwing toys out of the dog door. I can only assume that throwing himself or Gabe is next.

week 44 052

His favorite toys are definitely his table and Jimmy, who has started following him around more.

week 44 003
week 44 007
week 44 012

Finally, to keep his Cajun credibility alive, here's a couple of photos every baby should pose for---- in a crawfish pot.

week 44 020
week 44 019

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