Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby got back.... walking.

After a week long hiatus, he proved to us again that he can walk.
He also proved to us again that he can easily turn it back off.
Maybe he just walks on Fridays. I don't know.
But I predicted that he would be walking by Mardi Gras and technically he is, so I win.

The weather was actually nice enough on a couple of afternoons to break out his swing that he hasn't been able to use much yet.

week 46 001

which also prompted me to mow the yard which you can see was looking pretty shabby.

Saturday we made it to another softball game, where he tried to steal the show by demonstrating how many plastic keys he can fit in his mouth at once.

week 46 017

and, as usual, he made friends with the person sitting behind him (Uncle Jake this week.)

week 46 025

He also put on his best mid-80's rapper impression

week 46 027

Then when it got a little chilly, he hung out with Poppy in the football team's indoor practice facility.

week 46 029
week 46 030

But once Poppy's attention was diverted, he just had to see what the metal rail tastes like.

week 46 041

Most importantly though, he got to see Anthill (Amanda) take the "mound."

week 46 056
(And for anyone who actually looked at the scoreboard, it was a tournament and UL was the guest that game. Just don't want you to think they got stomped when they were actually the stompers.)

Riley extends heartfelt congratulations to Uncle Eli and Anthill for being profiled in this week's Valentine's Edition of The Vermilion as UL's Cutest Couple.

I'd post a link to the story but, despite having a reputation as a good computer school, UL isn't modern enough to post their weekly student newspaper online. How pitiful is that?

Saturday evening, he braved the weather to catch his first Mardi Gras Parade.

Given that it was well past his bedtime, he didn't really care much about the parade and continued the new phenomenon of being scared by loud noises, which we really need to fix.

week 46 074
week 46 076

He did have thrown to him one of the Krewe of Rio themed, upper anatomically correct dolls.

week 46 088

Around the house he's learned to get into the pantry cabinets and I robbed him of a nice glass jar of spaghetti sauce that he was about to pull off of the shelf.
He's also been taught by Granny Lynn how to play with the fridge magnets.

week 46 063
week 46 066

He figured out that he is too lazy to crawl all the way around our gigantic queen size bed, and realized that there is a shortcut under the bed if you keep your head down.

week 46 092
week 46 094

I really need to give a big "thank you" to Paul for suggesting that Caroline might like a play table for Christmas, which spiraled out of control, once in my head, into me constructing tables for Caroline and Riley.
I really don't know what we'd do without ours. Riley uses it all the time.

Thanks for planting the seed.

week 46 096

And finally, for a little laugh, here's our celebrity visitor of the week---Riley Kardashian. (for you pop culture junkies. Watch The Soup Fridays at 9 on E!)

week 46 084
week 46 083

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Christi said...

That's my DH in the blue shirt and black hat in the background of the pic where Riley is licking the pole. Geaux Cajuns!