Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Terrible Twos

That's when babies fuss alot when they're two weeks old right?
Well we lucked out and missed that fun.
Two years, not two weeks?

Regardless, Riley- Week 2 (When Mommy's Alone) had a pretty good story line.

Things calmed down a little this week on the visitor front.

He did get to go to both grand parent homes for the first time Saturday, and got a good visit in with Funcle James on Wednesday. (funcle= faux uncle)

Thursday was cool, as he made his first, nonmedical public appearance to check out the Red Stick Ramblers at Rhythms on the River.

Week 2 027

He didn't quite know all of the words yet, but we'll try to teach him before we catch those guys again at Festival in a couple of weeks.

Jimmy's getting a little more curious, and sniffing around more, but there's not much a dog can do with a two week old, so they haven't really bonded yet.

Week 2 019

Like most babies he just lays around sleeping, but looking very pleasant while he does it.

Week 2 056

For someone who sleeps so much, he sure does yawn a helluva lot.

Week 2 044

He's doing pretty well at the whole eating/sleeping schedule thing. Joan is tired but more so because of the nature of feeding a new baby, not any real difficulties on his part.

He goes to the doctor tomorrow so we'll see if/how he's growing. I think he's noticeably bigger, but thats just because I'm hoping he outgrows me someday.

Finally, while, by definition, we use Erin's closet the most of any gifts, running a close second is the Moses basket that Lance and Kim gave us. We use that thing constantly. It's easy to move and stable so we can bring it with us anywhere we go in the house. I highly recommend one to any new parents, especially if your baby is tiny. Thanks again guys.

Week 2 055

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