Sunday, April 6, 2008

17 years, 51 weeks

.... til our boy is legally an adult.

More simply, Happy 1st Week birthday Riley.

One week ago today we were sleep deprived and eating well deserved sushi.
Now we've got a one week old kid at home and have seen just about everyone we know in the last week.

Week 1 100

He's done great so far. He's sleeping and eating right on textbook schedule.
Unless he's hungry or being changed, he's incredibly content. Even did a little web surfing already.

Surfin with Mom

He probably wanted to read all about himself. What a narcissist.

Seeing Double

Joan's Mom took the week off of work to stay here when I went back to the office. Lesley then arrived Thursday night and is staying through Tuesday.
Everyone seems to be holding up well.

I've taken Riley and Jimmy for a walk almost everyday, to get Jimmy used to walking with the stroller and to help introduce Riley into our pack. ( we're Dog Whisperer fans) Jimmy is definitely starting to show more interest in the baby, which I hope will lead to a great friendship through Riley's childhood.

Before he was born we were worried about having too many newborn sized clothes. Now that he arrived carrying his official Munchkin Land ID card, we've had to scramble for some premie clothes and diapers.
Fortunately, Cousin Amy had small boys right about this time of year and has been a lifesaver in the clothing department.

And while is was almost surely completely by accident, on Wednesday, at the ripe old age of 3 days old, Riley rolled from his stomach to his back, completely unaided. He's setting expectations high. He better keep it up.

Thanks to Paul, Heather, Granny Lynn and my Mom for feeding us and/or stocking our freezer so that we'll be set up in the food department for a little while.

Here's what about 60% of our day looks like:

Week 1 011

or this: (complete with smooshed face goodness)

Week 1 006

That's it for now.

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