Sunday, April 27, 2008

First Fest Fun

The last weekend of April is always big in Lafayette as it means it is time, once again, for Festival International.

For the outsiders, Festival (as the locals call it) is a free, 4 day music and arts festival held Downtown. There are 4 or 5 stages with music going all day. This was the 22nd year and it just keeps growing. I think the crowd count last year was around 300,000.

Unfortunately, due to the concentration on French speaking cultures and the limited budget, a lot of the bands are ignorable. But, there are always a few gems,and plenty to keep yourself entertained all day as you move from stage to stage. Plus, a lot of the local acts play here at home before heading out for their summer tours in regions with more reasonable temperatures.

For the locals, it really is a chance to get out and see everyone you know while enjoying the best shot you have at good weather for the next 5 months.

In keeping with our idea that we are going to incorporate Riley into our lives, and not vice versa, it was my goal to get him down to Festival , at least for a little while.
Before leaving the hospital, we asked the doctor whether it would be ok, and she said "go for it."

So, yesterday Riley got to check out the Lost Bayou Ramblers (playing a tribute to the Hackberry Ramblers) and one of his favorite bands, The Figs.

Week 4 054

Fortunately, both bands played under a tent and it was breezy, so heat and sun weren't a factor.
He contently hung in the Baby Bjorn and didn't fuss at all through both sets. That boy has good taste. ( I wonder where he gets it from.)

Week 4 040

We probably could have hung out longer, but it started to rain, so we headed for cover. Working in an office downtown made it really convenient to feed him, change him, and get a little sit down time in between bands.

After a successful first Festival, we headed over to meet Mr. Gabe Pecot, and were joined shortly thereafter by Mr. Eli Domingue. Hopefully these guys will get to grow up together as they are all within 6 months in age.
Someday they'll all be the same size, but, for now, that 6 month gap between Eli (7 months)and Riley and Gabe (4/5 weeks) is amazing.

Week 4 063lighten

Week 4 080

The Moms all got to swap stories, and Joan and Lindsey (right and middle) listened intently as Dottie (left) shared all of the wisdom she has gained in her first 7 month of raising a very well behaved, friendly little boy.

Week 4 081

Went a week without seeing Paul, Liz and Caroline,who had become regular (welcomed) guests, as they all had to head back to Armpit, oops, I mean Baton Rouge. Best of luck to them there, and I hope and pray that the town doesn't rub off on Caroline while her immunities are weak.

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