Monday, January 28, 2008

Double L

To quote the great poet Troy Richard, "We must be the chosen ones, down in Lafayette."

We are thankful in so many ways for being born here and being able to come back.
What really made us appreciate Lafayette was living in Baton Rouge for 3 years. Lafayette is superior in so many ways. First, we have much better food (Prejean's, Coyote Blues, etc.) and much better music (Blue Moon Saloon,'nuf said).
Second, and most important, we're not the home of LSU.

But, I must acknowledge that Baton Rouge has one upped us in a few ways. BR has a great parks system with lots of nature trails, great for dog walking, and a pretty well developed mountain bike trail system. Lafayette has nothing in that regard.

We also found out that BR has an exponentially superior Babies R Us. They have so much stuff that we don't have in our little puny store. At least we have a store now, but I see no reason that Lafayette couldn't support a full size unit.

All of that is basically to lead to me pointing out something really cool that I saw there. I happened to come across a cd made by Baby Rock Records.

The company takes the music of various rock bands and remakes the songs with lullaby instrumentation.

I, of course, couldn't help myself and had to pick up the Tool disc.

I also picked up the No Doubt disc because it seemed pretty cheery and nice. I'll probably go back later to snap up the Nirvana and NIN discs. Their website is (sorry can't get the text to work as a link) and they have plenty more.

Now the kid will have have cool tunes from the get go. I'm going to program his mind right from the start. Scary, huh?


Anonymous said...

I have to say that people who complain constantly about Baton Rouge or LSU it's because they are well....plain and simple....jealous!!!!! I do agree that Coyote Blues is fabulous here in Lafayette, but let's not forget Ninfa's in BR, TJ Ribs, The Chimes--which has the best cheese fries ever!!!! and a multitude of other places to eat than here where they do not and let me repeat do not know hot to make gumbo (of course I know that is just my opinion). Also as you have already pointed out the parks are better in BR, not to mention the ZOO is better and well back to the jealous thing---the University is better--I believe we LSU fans have already proven that. So basically, it comes down to one thing jealousy. You may want to try to get help with that--it can control your life after a while. It's a good thing that this Baby Wallace has someone to look out for him to point him in the right direction with regards to football, university selection and of course clothing--anything that is purple and gold (yellow)!

Can't wait to see him in LSU colors!!!!

Happy Face

bwallace said...

obviously, this blog is open to the public, and i can not regulate the intelligence of the comment posters. I apologize to any sensible readers for having to experience the garbage posted by others.