Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Other New Addition

Painting the nursery was definitely the easiest part of preparing the house for our expanding family.

This place is a 3 bedroom. More than adequate square footage, but one bedroom housed the computer and an exercise machine, while the the other was a guest room, leaving no room for a nursery.

Without an office we'd be fat and dumb, and without a guestroom, Lesley would be homeless next time New Orleans gets washed away.

That left only one option, expansion. It also gave us a chance to replace the old leaky patio with something more solid.

A few months later, here it is. Basically we added an office/gym behind our bedroom, where there was already patio, then had a new screen porch built, expanding the patio in the other direction.

What was this-

House addition 017

House addition 021

Is Now this-

house final 001

house final 002

What was empty space-
House addition 009

Is now an office/gym-

house final 1 013
house final 1 017

and what was homebuilt patio--

House addition 012

is now professionally built screen room--
house final 1 011

We can't wait to get people back over for bbq or boils

Many thanks to the guys at Emerging Properties, who I highly recommend if you have any remodeling jobs to do.

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