Sunday, January 13, 2008


wdw 2007 095

As many of you know, two of our very good friends Brad (Tate) & Lindsey are also expecting a little boy just 8 days after us. Joan and Lindsey found out they were pregnant within 2 days of each other, back in August.

Brad has already started with the "my kid can beat up your kid" stuff, but we'll wait to settle that when they arrive.

It's kind of like a 2 for 1 special because Joan and Lindsey can share doctor's advice, etc, as they go along. I guess they can also share weight and size complaints (and the mutual desire to eat boiled crawfish before they get too swollen)

so, for some proof, here's a side shot of Joan and Lindsey at Epcot back in January 2007.

wdw 2007 082

And here's one around Christmas 2007.

2 bumps 004

April is coming quickly.

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