Sunday, July 5, 2009


This is the week that Homeland Security puts a watch on my blog.


Because screw the 4th of July. That's why.

Yeah, I know, Rah rah rah sis boom bah, Goooo Patriotism! and all, but forget this holiday.


Because its the 4th of JULY. That's why.

More like the 4th Circle of the Inferno. Right? (gotta get some literary cred kickin' up in here.)

How 'bout everyone south of Kentucky gets a rain check on the 4th of July and takes it in Mid October or even March. Then while the rest of the country shivers in misery, we can participate in outdoor activities and have the news media rub their climatological hell in their faces.

Whatever. I guess it takes a three day weekend in this heat to actually have a cumulative half day of outdoor opportunity.

We made the best of it by heading to the zoo right at opening on Friday.
Since Riley has now learned the word lion, he was quite excited when he saw what the zoo had to offer in that species.

Week 66 003

We moved quickly as the 9 am heat set in and he got about as close to a full grown tiger as you would ever want a tasty little morsel like him to get.

Week 66 009
Week 66 010

We had lunch from Johnson's. We didn't have lunch at Johnson's, we're not that tough, but we still snagged some to go.

Friday evening, we headed headed over to Gabe's house to attempt to watch the Sugar Mill Pond fireworks. Quite expectedly, he didn't make it that late, but had fun riding Gabe's 4 wheeler and playing with the hose. Things he never gets a chance to do at home. Right?

Week 66 022
Week 66 018

There he discovered the wonder of the shrimp poboy, hold the shrimp.

Week 66 017

Saturday morning we joined Granny Lynn for breakfast at Another Broken Egg, where he quickly found his favorite toy-- a Spin-it.

Week 66 023

That may need some explanation, because where you just see a pack of jelly, he sees so much more.
Basically the kid had some kind of OCD thing going with spinnning objects. Anything even slightly rounded, gets spun on the floor. And he's actually really good at it.
Anything that can be spun is appropriately called a Spin-It.
He often goes back and forth between a frisbee and a drum head, or multiple stacking rings and keeps them all going at once.

Way more dexterity than me. Like Fergie, he got it from his momma.

Then he impressed us with his ability to eat pancakes with a spoon. He's not so good with objects that aren't heavily adhered to the spoon, but syrup foods are a good confidence booster.

Week 66 028

In between the eating and spinning, he flirted with every female in the building (in front of their husbands and dads). The kid's got stones.

Later we went shopping with Granny Lynn and he found out where kids go when they can't behave in public. The Clearance Rack.

Week 66 035

Then, as he's apt to do, he found a whole rack of Spin-its that occupied him for quite some time.

Week 66 036

Obviously, his bucket time didn't change much, because he ran a half marathon while we shopped at Kohl's. He's kinda hard to see with his small stature, but he's so loud, there's no danger of being run-over.

Week 66 038

Sunday-- Mommy and Daddy got to go see The Hangover, which was hilarious.
It's dirty and dumb, but pretty funny.

We were able to do so, because we finally found a high school aged girl that we can trust to babysit him, instead of having to rely on parents.

And he demonstrated for us one instance of nature over nurture.
He's naturally developed the "show off when a pretty girl comes into the room" thing .
As soon as she got here, he became crazy man, and checked every few seconds just to make sure she was watching.
Keep up the courage buddy.

And I would tell you how we met the babysitter, but regular readers would find it so cliche that their heads may explode.

Finally, the day ended up with a new toy from Granny Lynn, a Step 2 Kangaroo Climber, which is apparently on a significant sale at Sears right now.

He didn't seem too interested in the sides, but definitely enjoyed being tall for a few minutes.
Get used to it Buddy.

Week 66 049
Week 66 050
Week 66 058

Next weekend should be an adventure, so hopefully we'll have some good stories and not just misanthropic ranting.
But hey, I never promised anything but pics of a cute kid, and I don't think I've yet failed to deliver.

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