Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Old and The New

Busy week, but I'll try not to waste many words.

When Joan's Mom babysat him last Sunday, she did something magic to his hair, as we discovered when he woke up on Monday.

week 36 001

Even after wetting and brushing, it stayed like that all day, and was still at peak spikiness when I got home to find him and Gabe attacking my mom.

week 36 011lightcrop

Tuesday, we caught him on the monitor kneeling in his crib.
Just a day or two later, he had learned to pull himself up, and we caught him standing against the rail. He's also started crawling on all fours.

While we don't have any pics of either of those, I do have documentation that he has learned the lazy habit of pulling down his crib bumper instead of lifting his head, when he wants to see out of the bed.

week 36 014

He can stand up for as long as he wants, if he's holding on to something.
I've been trying to teach him how to fall, but look at the kid, even with a diaper on he's got no padding to fall back onto.

week 36 029

Thursday we got to visit our old law school bud Jennifer, her hubby Ryan, and their month old baby, Connor. He's bigger that Riley was, but we were both amazed at how light he felt. In eight months, we've forgotten how small a baby really can be.

week 36 023

As the veteran parents, (snicker, snicker) we entertained all of their questions. Jennifer, like Joan did eight months ago, asked important questions about caring for the child.
Ryan, like I did eight months ago, wanted to know when the kid would get to be fun to play with.
I guess it shows that the characteristic "Fun Dad" genes transcend even the differences between a large, LSU-football playing fireman, and a puny, LSU bashing lawyer.

Friday was not very eventful aside from a terrible meal and terrible service at O'Charleys. While there though, we did catch him sucking on the pacifier, something he hasn't done in months.

week 36 028

Saturday he cruised the aisles of Target, making all the chicks swoon, then had lunch at Johnson's, where he tried bread and a tiny bit of pulled pork. He'll be tearing it up in a few months.

week 36 057
week 36 061
week 36 064

Saturday evening was big because a couple of my cousins threw a surprise 75th birthday party for my Grandma. It was Hollywood themed and even had a Marilyn Monroe impersonator to sing Happy Birthday.

week 36 076light
week 36 110
week 36 087

Riley got all dressed up in his preppy sweater vest (which, despite being cute, he is not allowed to wear after he reaches a year old)

week 36 079

He was behaved enough to sit for a picture with all of the other great-grandchildren. (ranging in age from 10 years to two months).

week 36 111

He also confirmed that he really is CAJUN Baby Wallace by putting a serious hurt on a bowl of gumbo.

week 36 105

We got to see some family that we hadn't see in a while, and found out that a cousin that has recently also joined the Cult of the Big Green Egg. A good time was had by all.

week 36 100

After he slept off all of the good times, he was ready for Lafayette's Christmas parade, which was, sadly, way worse than I remember it being in the past.

We went mostly to see the Lafayette High Band, which finished in 12th place at the Bands of America Grand Nationals. That is amazing considering how much more money some of the other bands have and how much more some of the other bands rehearse. 10 years ago we were happy just to be the best in the state, but now they've got national aspirations.

week 36 164

Riley enjoyed playing cowboy in his Poppy's hat and playing with his first cheap plastic beads.

week 36 146
week 36 169

Mostly though, he just sat in the back with his Mommy and Anthill and played one of his favorite games, "Try to Rip Out The Adult's Teeth."

week 36 190
week 36 205
week 36 191

His Uncle Eli had fun by standing in the background and being "That Guy" in the pics.

week 36 159light

Switching gears, I know by watching the keyword searches that lead people to this site, that alot of people find it while searching for baby tummy issues.
If you've been lucky enough to figure out your baby's problem, but unlucky enough to find out that it was a dairy allergy, yet you plan to keep nursing, here's a couple of pointers rendered from Joan's research.

Vegan products like Smart Balance Light buttery spread, contain no dairy (regular Smart Balance contains whey, and some other varieties contain sodium caseinate, so be sure to look for the "100% Vegan" logo on the label). There is also a dairy free vegan parmesan cheese called "Parma!", available online. Joan says they aren't bad.

It hurts me deep down inside to allow Vegan products into my home, but I just cancel them out by eating some Johnson's beef jerky while wearing a wool sweater and sitting in a leather chair watching bull-riding on TV.

Also, because observers of Kosher diets can't mix meat and dairy , look for Kosher designations on products. Thing that are classified as "Parve" will not contain any dairy product.
Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


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