Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They're Everywhere

Seems like no matter where we go, someone else is pregnant too.

As mentioned previously, Cousins Shane and Tara are expecting their third tax deduction, shortly after us.

I previously attempted to embarrass Tara, by posting the onesie Shane bought which used a common slang term for the mammarial organs.

Now, I give her recognition by posting the mandatory, belly to belly side shot from Easter.

easter 2008 011

And even though Tara isn't sporting quite the horizontal, shelf style belly that Lindsey was carrying around, there was still much bending necessary for a good solid hug.

easter 2008 012

Based on my experiences Sunday with their other two descendants, Darby and Lillian, the new one will have never have trouble finding a playmate and a ready source of exercise.
(Though (s)he may be sore for a few days after. Not that I'm sore from playing with two kids for half an hour or anything. 'Cause I'm definitely not.)

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Daisy K said...

OOO Please tell Tara I said Hi and congrats on her third!!