Monday, March 10, 2008

In the closet

Last week we received the most unique gift for the baby, and the one gift I can GUARANTEE we will use more than any other (in that we'll use it 24/7).

First a little back story for the Non-Wallaces:
For the last few years my cousin Erin has been dating a really cool guy we'll call TJ ( Mostly because that's what everyone calls him).

TJ comes from a hard working, entrepreneurial minded family who has recently expanded into the custom closet and shelving business by becoming a local franchisee of the ClosetMaid Corporation. Erin holds down the sales end of things while TJ is the install guy (with help from Josh, too. Grad students always need cash)

In order to expand her portfolio, and, I'd think, give us a great gift, Erin approached us with the idea of installing a closet system for us in the nursery.

What was just a simple, boring closet

March 8 & 9 004 fixed

Has now been transformed with customizable shelves, sliding wire baskets, and 3 fully movable hanging bars on each side.

March 8 & 9 048 fixed

We don't have it all loaded up yet, but I'll be sure to post up when we do.
That system has exponentially increased the usable space we have, and I'm sure we will be even more grateful for it once the kid comes.
Thanks to Erin, TJ, Josh and anyone else who had a hand in this gift. It's great!

Now for the sales pitch:
For all of your closet and storage needs: bedroom, bathroom, garage, office, anywhere; contact Erin Wallace at Cajun Closets. All of the info you need is in the link to your right.

Disclaimer: Cajun Closets will not install your closet for free, but I'm sure their pricing is very reasonable.

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