Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nice Shirt , Breaux!

If you've been following things, you know that Paul and Liz had Caroline a couple of weeks ago, and now the Wallaces and the Pecots are expecting unnamed boys next month.

To add another name to the list, Joan's cousin, Shane, and wife, Tara, are expecting their third child in late May.

Shane and fam are Disney World connoisseurs. When it comes to a trip to the World, you can be sure that Shane has looked into everything, and enjoyment and efficiency will be maximized under his plan.

I'd be tempted to call him crazy for that level of involvement in a theme park trip, but this pot doesn't go around calling kettles "black."

I only point out this quirk to differentiate from a situation where I am willing to call them crazy. Just as they've done for their last 2, Shane and Tara have no plans to find out the gender of their baby.
More power to ya, but I couldn't even wait 20 weeks to find out, much less all 40. (Maybe not everyone's mind is as single track and obsessive as mine, which is a good thing for society)

This leads me to giving another "Courage in Gift Giving Award." This one goes to Shane for purchasing a pretty funny onesie. So funny, in fact, that Tara made him bring it here personally, so she wouldn't have to bring it to a shower and present it in the presence of our more gentrified families. (ha, ha)

Now, instead of the shower guests seeing it, the whole world (i.e., the five of you that read this) will see the offending garment:

pirate onesie 001


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