Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Holiday Sneezin'

Been busier than we expected today, as you'll read, so no frills.

Riley took his first steps toward potty training this week.
He's been able to tell us for a couple of months when he was about to make stank in his diaper.
Over the last couple of weeks he's been telling us "I poopoo peepee potty" but wouldn't sit on his mini toilet.

Last night, things changed and he sat and even strained a little, showing that he knew what he was supposed to be accomplishing.
Nothing happened, but it is a positive first step, initiated by him.

Early in the week, the house smelled like baked goods as Joan made Christmas themed red velvet cupcakes for her work peeps.

Week 90 004

Then the fun began.
on Thursday, Riley started getting sick.
By Saturday morning, he was just a walking fountain of snot and could not be entertained by anything except Pixar shorts, in short bursts.

The fight to keep him entertained led us to Veterans Park with a couple of loaves of stale bread.
He enjoyed feeding the ducks for a little while, but was quite mad when we had to leave.

Week 90 008
Week 90 019
Week 90 020

If he weren't so young, and a male, I'd swear he is pregnant, based on his moodiness.

Eventually, he had a 20 minute nap on Mommy's lap, which was the extent of his sleep for the day.

That wasn't quite enough to keep him happy at Anthill's graduation party which was held at.......... wait for it............ Johnson's Boucaniere.

Week 90 042
Week 90 034
Week 90 030

I heard a few Texans remark on how good the food was.
When multiple Texans acknowledge the quality of your smoked meat, you're doing something right.

After the meat and sides, everyone ingested huge slabs of a very nice cake from Southside.

Week 90 027

and Uncle Eli scored some boyfriend points with a really cool rose arrangement done by florist extraordinaire, Michael Quinones.

I couldn't get a great shot, but it is a bouquet of red roses with UL written in white roses.

Week 90 029

Michael did our wedding and a few others that we've been to, along with some occasional special orders from us, and he is always awesome.
Next time you need flowers, contact him at the Winn Dixie on Ambassador.
The dude is magic.

When we were able to pull Riley away from throwing rocks and sticks into puddles, he enjoyed the Johnson's Christmas tree.

Week 90 036

he even recognized a couple of ornaments.

Week 90 024
Week 90 037
Week 90 038

Sunday, we headed down to New Iberia for Christmas with Joan's Dad's side of the family.

Riley, despite being in full on, nose goo explosion mode, was quite excited to get to see Caroline.

Week 90 064

He didn't know he was also going to get to play with Cousin Eli (since he probably had no real idea who Cousin Eli was)

Week 90 062

Despite the fact that Riley used to wear Eli's "hand me up" clothes, (Eli is 8 weeks younger) they are pretty close in height now. (probably still no contest in weight, but that can be said of Riley compared to most small objects)

Week 90 077

Riley then played ring around the rosey and showed why it is much better for him to just play alone... he likes to skip straight to the end.

Week 90 095

Then he got his first ride-on fire truck of the season.

The other one is a Cozy Coupe Fire & Rescue Edition, from Mommy and Daddy, but shhhhh, don't tell him.

Week 90 111

We capped off Sunday night with a quick visit to Acadiana Urgent Care clinic in Cordoba on Ambassador.
Pretty quick in and out, but we were there at 6 on a Sunday.
The assessment is bilateral ear infection, sinus infection and a touch of bronchitis.

Happy Christmas?


Anonymous said...

Ornaments are fantastic and I am so sorry to hear about the sickness...Hope he is better on Christmas Day. If not he and I can nap all day cause that will be my only day off this week anyway so I won't mind!

Unknown said...

Saw your ornament on the tree when we ate there a couple of weeks ago. I had the brisket sandwich and so did the hubs. Yummy!