Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life is a Highway

I could bore you with the usual, "Riley is talking more and more." but from now on lets just assume that would be said in every post.

Let's just pick up where we left off last week.

Early Sunday afternoon, we headed down to Joan's family's compound in Erath to tell her great grandmother happy 100th birthday.

Riley got to be around a baby, Hope, the daughter of Joan's cousin Ben, and his wife, Jen.
She held his attention for about a second and a half before he went back to playing with the big boys, Hope's older cousins David and Evan.

Week 83 044

It was the first time he's gotten to really play with bigger boys and he held his own pretty well considering his communication skills relative to theirs.

He also got a chance to play with a real piano, and quite pleasantly he did more than just mash handfuls of keys.
He very deliberately pressed one or two keys at a time and even explored the full dynamic ranges of the instrument.

Week 83 043

From there , Mommy and Daddy headed down to New Orleans to meet up with Nanny for the Our Lady Peace show.

On the way down, we listened to the atrocious first half of the Saints game.
We almost didn't watch the second half, but we decided to grab a seat in the bar at Copeland's cheesecake Bistro, just in case.
We were not disappointed.
In addition to their awesome crawfish ravioli (imagine ravioli fried in Popeye's batter, then covered in cream sauce) we got to see one of the greatest halves of a football game I've ever witnessed.

It was also a totally different experience because everyone else in the bar was New Orleanian African American Church ladies whose cheering style is quite different from that of our Lafayettian yuppie friends. Fun times.

With a great win in the books we headed downtown to the HOB.


We got there pretty early and had a great spot.
Even better, for the first time in the dozens of shows I've been to, there was an opening band I'd never heard of that was actually good.

Check out Company of Thieves. not the greatest band ever, but pretty entertaining.

By 9:30 OLP came on and played a very strong set.
All of their big hits virtually non-stop.
They could definitely teach Blues Traveler a thing or two regarding show pacing.



The only downside was the blinding backdrop lights.


Best part was the show was done by 11 and we were back on the road to Lafayette.

Life was life during the week, not worth typing about.

Friday evening we went to Ciao Bella Pizza with Anna's family. My parents also came with my g-ma.

There are not many things Riley likes more than spending all day and all evening with Anna and my mom.

Week 83 003

The pizza was pretty good, but there are a few pizza places in Lafayette I'd pick over it.

Riley's main course was a sucker.

Week 83 008

He couldn't be distracted from the toy choo-choo by either tiramisu or brownies and ice cream.

Week 83 013

Saturday morning we hit Great Harvest for breakfast.
He didn't want anything to do with their excellent baked goods, but they have books, so he survived.

Week 83 017

Next we were off to Granny & Grandad's to visit Caroline and the Baton Rouge crew, now freshly de-swine-flu'd

Week 83 019

There Uncle Paul taught Riley the humbling game of Chase the Laser Pointer.

Week 83 022

and Paul learned his own lesson regarding the cardio effects of the indoor stroller roller coaster game.

Week 83 035

The kids loved it, and were not afraid to say so.

Then everyone took advantage of being on the last block of a dead end to have a nice family stroll.

Week 83 028
Week 83 031

Aunt Liz heard everyone was walking down the street so she wore her street walker shoes.

Week 83 032

With near perfect weather we headed down to Johnson'ss Boucaniere for lunch.
Hard to beat superbly seasoned boneless ribs in a plate with boudin, beans and mac.

Week 83 048

Unless you're Riley, then its hard to beat 2 bottlecaps.

Week 83 056
Week 83 055

When he finally went down for a nap, mommy whipped together his first halloween costume.
He got to dress up as a highway.

Week 83 059
Week 83 060
Week 83 068

As the legally appointed hour drew near, Cousin Caroline arrived dressed as a pirate with her crew in tow, and we all headed down to Cinderella's castle (Anna's House)

Three kids in strange outfits don't make the best studies in photographic cooperation.

Riley first decided it would be fun to hit Anna with her princess wand,

Week 83 091 copy

but quickly retreated when she got fed up.

Week 83 092 copy

Then he tried to make up for it with a goofy hug.

Week 83 107 copy

The great thing about his costume is he always had a toy to play with and a prop to ham things up with.
Week 83 117
Week 83 112 copy

Eventually Caroline got tired of Riley and Anna's dillying and dallying and ringing around the rosey and signaled that the trick or treating should begin.

Week 83 131

Riley and Anna raced ahead like kids itching to run in the streets.

Week 83 138

Caroline decided to be the responsible one and help push the empty stroller.

Week 83 140

Things peaked kinda early when Riley got a sucker at the second stop.
That was all he needed for his night to be complete.

Week 83 143

He and the other short-legger spent the rest of the night chauffeured in the stroller with his face/neck/chest becoming progressively browner and stickier as he made headway into the sucker.

Week 83 144

There's social commentary to be made about trick or treat trespassers who just pull up in cars and start walking the neighborhood, but I don't have the energy.
Plus Joan and I are about to leave to go see This Is It, the closest we'll ever get to a Michael Jackson concert (until he comes out of hiding for that triple bill with Elvis and Tupac.)

I do want to leave you with a question, and since I know you read this every week, you might be able to help:

When did our little baby become a little boy?

Week 83 001

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Timberly said...

To answer your question... once baby boys turn 1 you have to stop blinking because they grow into little boys! I had a swallow back tear moment yesterday when I realized my first born is goign to be 7 next year!