Sunday, August 23, 2009

Social Climber

If you don't like reading about the mundane weekly activities that are our life, please click away. They're fun to us, but if I wasn't me, I wouldn't care.
Really, nothing noteworthy to follow.

But, if that kind of thing floats your boat,please do partake.

nothing really new on the developmental front, except the expanding vocabulary and that Dada has morphed into Daddy.

Riley is finding ways to get into, onto, under and over just about every object in the house. He's gotten lots of use out of the cabinet we recently cleared in the kitchen to house more toys (because the one in the living room just isn't enough)

August 2009 (6)
August 2009 (9)
August 2009 (8)

Most of our week is spent trying to get him to eat so the doctor doesn't take him away for being too skinny.
One evening, he ate guacamole covered tortilla pieces. Typical baby stuff right?

Week 73 039

Despite not eating much, he seems to enjoy mealtime.

Week 73 044
Week 73 047
Week 73 048

but when he decides he's done-- game over.

Week 73 049

On Friday, I met Riley and my Mom at Posado's for lunch. I hadn't been there in a few years, and was reminded as to why (that place was really good about 10 years ago)

There, with no prompting, Riley reached right over me for a chip and went straight to the salsa. He continued dipping chips and his hand into the salsa until his plate arrived. He then switched over to beans and molten cheese which didn't seem to bother him.

In the process, I learned a valuable lesson: Never eat Mexican food with a toddler if you plan to go back to work. Unless, that is, your office accepts beans, cheese and salsa as appropriate work-wear. Luckily, mine does.

August 2009 (14)
August 2009 (17)

Saturday morning we hit Another Broken Egg for Granny Lynn's birthday.

Despite having a plate full of biscuits, banana pancakes and cheesy spinach, Riley was more interested in eating a lemon wedge and drinking water. What a foodie.

Week 73 014
Week 73 007

But the highlight of any Egg trip, for him, is the fountain (which also happens to lie conveniently under an approach path for the airport.)

Week 73 001
Week 73 016
Week 73 019

Riley then spent the morning with Mommy while daddy drafted a fantasy football team and hopefully took the first step to winning a couple hundred bucks.

Saturday afternoon was spent running wild with Gabe and playing with friends at Mr. Pec's house.
Riley and Gabe provided cheerleading for their Mommies, who went head to head in Wii archery.

Week 73 079
Week 73 080

and Riley watched in awe as Mr. Turtle got beat by Ms. Traci at Basketball.

Week 73 057

Sunday morning we met up with Nonnie, Uncle BA and Anthill at Meche's.
As usual, Riley stuffed whole holes into his mouth.

August 2009 (20)
Week 73 082

He then made a trend out of a behavior he started Friday, that being that he is at his most lovey and huggy when he's got a face full of food.

August 2009 (25)

Next, with perfect weather, we headed over to Thomas Park for some playtime that included males of all ages doing stupid things to test their strength on playground equipment.

August 2009 (42)
August 2009 (55)
August 2009 (32)

There was plenty of sliding.

August 2009 (69)
Week 73 087
Week 73 089

and climbing

Week 73 098

and spinning (complete with wannabe juggalo graffiti)

August 2009 (72)

Riley used a day's worth of energy, but had fun, climbing a 15-ish foot hill.
But he was not having nearly as much fun, and spent a years worth of concentration trying to get back down the hill, while remaining upright.

August 2009 (75)
August 2009 (76)

and since we've started, this week, "training" to try a 5k next month and hopefully a 10k in November, we responsibly picked up a healthy lunch at Rouse's.

Week 73 120

didn't do quite as well with lunch dessert though.

Week 73 118

In closing, here's Riley Gabe and Anna in the most fail-arific photo on my hard drive. Probably taken after they read this post.

August 2009 (2)


Unknown said...

There's a 10K in November?

Next time you go to Broken Egg, get the Floridian omelet. To die for!

EmilysWindowSeat said...

I am interested in your "mundane weekly activities." Your blog is the only way I know about them right now so I am glad you have one for me to read and, in some way, "keep up" with you. ;)