Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppin' Down The Bunny Trail

No intro, just diving right in.

Saturday morning, we headed out for another nature expedition/camera practice session.
This week, our location was Lake Martin, which has a 2 mile walking trail around the lake that is pretty nice.

My parents met us out there, and while we parked one vehicle at the end of the trail, Riley hung out by the trailhead and happily played in the gravel. (none of which was later found in his diaper, Nicole)

Week 54 023
Week 54 033
Week 54 027

Then it was time to hit the trail.

Week 54 139
Week 54 037

Riley loves being outside, but still doesn't really care about the camouflaged, motionless gators.
He did like playing with his Poppy's hat though.

Week 54 058
Week 54 076
Week 54 098

Predictably, he got tired during our 2.5 hour hike, but was able to rest comfortably in the backpack and even slept for a while.

Week 54 126
Week 54 296

It was fun for the adults because we got to see some small gators up close...

Lake Martin Apr 09 (270)

Some large gators farther away...

Lake Martin Apr 09 (241)crop
Lake Martin Apr 09 (320)

And even some poison ivy that looked like it had poison ivy.

Lake Martin Apr 09 (90)

After being carried for almost three hours, he was wiped out.

Week 54 353

But his day was far from over.

Next, we landed at Johnson's for some lunch, and to pick up our Easter roast and sides.

He took it as an opportunity to do some obstacle course training.

Week 54 362

after lunch, it was on to Erath to see Joan's grandparents, Aunt, Uncle and some Cousins

Week 54 397

He stalked the cat for a while, climbed his first set of stairs, then did some stunt driving with the Cozy Coupe.

Week 54 488
Week 54 475
Week 54 457

He's not big enough yet, but by next year he should be able to help his cousins catch some of the crabs that Rita deposited in their pond.

Week 54 498

He did great for such a long day (we left home at 8:30 and got back after 5)

Sunday, he woke up in a foul mood, but cheered up just in time to hit his playtime stride in the middle of church.
Then we ate at Another Broken Egg with my parents, where he was able to keep us all on edge by repeatedly trying to fall into the fountain.

Week 54 546
Week 54 535

Then refusing to cooperate for a family pic.

Week 54 573

we rounded out the day at our house with a visit from Granny Lynn, Granddad, Uncle Paul, Aunt Liz and Cousin Caroline.

The kids played like rock stars for a little while.

Week 54 597

Then Riley spent at least an hour pretending to drink from an empty plastic cup.

Week 54 593

After being bugged by many people as to what he would get in his Easter basket, I dropped a few last minute dollars at CVS and got him a few more unneeded stuffed animals, and some plastic eggs for us to slip on in the middle of the night.

Week 54 583

Overall, the cool kid had a weekend just as cool as the popsicle he tried on Friday.

Week 54 011
(good thing it was the last one in the house, 'cause he became an immediate junkie)

For anyone interested in heading out to Lake Martin, it is a two mile trail that starts at the front of the lake and goes around, connecting to the other end of the road at the back of the lake. You should probably try to have two vehicles, or you'd have to walk another couple of miles back up the dirt road.
If you look at it on Google Maps, it show the trail as being Lake Martin Levee Rd and Rookery Rd, but it is grass covered and not vehicle accessible.

Branching off of the trail is another one mile trail through the woods. The property is managed by the Nature Conservancy.
The trail is closed during the summer for alligator nesting season, and it is recommended that you not bring pets at any time, lest they become alligator snacks.
Keep your eyes open and bring binoculars if you want to see the big gators.

If you don't have time to walk the trail you can see lots of birds this time of year, and gators from now until winter, by just driving along the road.

you can find more info at

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What a full weekend! Cute pics of that baby boy.