Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tale of Tails

Our word for the week is "tail."

Around the house, things have been kinda rough because Riley is still having trouble moving things out of his tail-end. It's just a skill he's got to learn, but I'm sure he'll be good at it someday.

He's started moving forward (and in circles) in his walker. He tries to come toward us or toward Jimmy, who is still not really comfortable with the whole contraption.

week 25 002

The second significance of the word tail is that Riley got to go to his first Cajuns game and associated tail-gating this week.

You can see from this pic how packed the student section was.

week 25 076

Even Riley was puzzled by such a weak showing from the student body. (admission, I went to one game in the four seasons in which I was a student)

week 25 074

It was a good game, but he decided we should leave at halftime. That's fine though, because we really go mostly for the tailgating with friends.

We have a sweet spot with shade, electricity, cable, and access to bathrooms (not port-o-lets) The music was goin' and the fans were blowin' keeping everyone in a good mood.
week 25 017

Riley and Gabe got to sport their custom made Retro-Cajuns onesies that match our group's shirts (that are still at the printer.)

week 25 015

It was bright outside and we found out that, despite having a 10 pound second chin, Riley actually has a small head, meaning his sunglasses still don't fit.

week 25 003

But Gabe's glasses do, which gave Riley a chance to eat his own glasses for a while.

week 25 005

And pose so that there would be at least one cool guy in this pic.

week 25 010

Once they were both awake, Gabe and Riley socialized with the traditional "Let's wrestle" greeting

week 25 025

Riley then found out that, no matter how hard you try, there is nothing to eat in Traci's arm.

week 25 046

When it was time for a nap we headed over to the Falgout's camper where Anna was more than willing to make Riley blush with one of her signature open mouth kisses.

week 25 052

week 25 048

The end.

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