Sunday, June 8, 2008

The usual

Aside from his first shots (see earlier post), it was a fairly calm week for the boy.
Things are still much better around here on the digestive front, and Joan is continuing to phase in more foods.

The first week of sharing his Nonnie with Anna went well. Anna is having to adjust to a new setting, but still seems just as happy as usual.

week 10 shots 001fixed

Thursday, Riley was the star of the show as he got to meet Uncle Darren, Aunt Sangee and Cousin Hailee, from Connecticut. He was actually pretty well behaved, even though the evening (ya know, when we're actually home) is usually his worst time of day.

week 10 014

week 10 004

He's getting better at trying to smile and is also opening his mouth as if to make noise, but without any actual vocal cord participation.

week 10bath 004

We've also discovered that he likes "swimming" in the tub. He is usually quite content if you hold his head out of the water and let his bottom half float while he kicks around. No pics of that, because the rag over his jewels kept floating away.

week 10bath 021

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