Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cajun Pride

The Lady Cajun softball team did our university proud this week by making it to, and playing well at, the College World Series in Oklahoma City.
They started off the first day by defeating the #1 seeded Florida Gators with a home run in extra innings.

Unfortunately, they didn't fare quite as well in their Friday and Saturday games, and are headed home now.
But, any time UL can have an athletic program in the top 8 in the nation, and a program that consistently performs at a high level, it is something to be thankful for.

The gals being televised every day gave everyone, including Riley, a good chance to sport some Cajuns gear around town.

week 9 049

and he doesn't have a really fat neck, he's just not good at extending it, so it gets all squished

week 9 019

Out and about, he did well at a couple of restaurants when meeting more of our friends and some out of state family. He even made it through a little bit of time at a dog show (in which said out of town family was competing) before he, less than politely, told me it was time to go.

One really neat thing that happened this week is that he touched Jimmy and actually realized it and looked interested.
After the screaming that peaked a few weeks ago, Jimmy has gotten in the habit of leaving the room when Riley enters.
Maybe they'll be buds after all.

week 9 027fixed

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