Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Haul(er)

First Father's Day round these parts.
Joan's diet has expanded enough that, after a few questions for the waitress, Joan felt comfortable eating at Another Broken Egg with my fam. We're both huge fans of breakfast, but hadn't been there in a while due to the dietary situation. She's now back to eating most things that don't contain, or aren't cooked in, dairy product (which is still a pretty limitedselection).
After that we did Outback for lunch with her fam. Fortunately, having worked there for 4 years in college, I have a good idea of what she can eat and what she shouldn't.

On father's day, men with working gametes are rewarded with gifts. Today, i scored one of the few remaining pieces of baby equipment we've wanted, a bike trailer.
He doesn't fit in it yet (still too floppy), but I'll have him in it as soon as he does.

week 11 060

and it just so happens to work out that the only color available happens to perfectly match my bike. (as if I'm stylish)
I plan to get much use out of this thing.
Later in the summer we'll start shopping for a bike for Joan, so we can have family rides.
The Camellia extension has made it much safer and more convenient for us to access areas beyond our neighborhood.
I really think the bike trailer will be great for popping on over to River Ranch for Rhythms on the River, in the fall and spring or for weekend trips to Fresh Market. Like many of these trailers, this one easily converts to a stroller, once you get to your destination.

week 11 064

Now we just need a backpack and we'll be fully mobile for football season.

While I was getting everything put together, just to be a rebel, i let him play with a plastic bag. Ooooh, I'm the bogeyman.

week 11 046

(just kidding, that pic is totally staged, he was actually playing pick up sticks with broken mercury thermometers)

and thanks to all of the ladies from AcadianaMoms who stopped by the blog last week, and left positive feedback. We had 220 hits one day.

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