Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Usual

Not too much interesting around here this week. (how can there be with this weather?)
He had a good outing to church this morning where he saw his 5 week old cousin, Eli, who outweighs him by a couple of pounds already.
Saturday night we attempted our first meal out since he's been around. Fortunately, we had a team of 4 grandparents with us for extra support. He actually did really well. If the restaurant's service would have also done well, we would have been in and out, free of trouble.
Unfortunately, the 30 minute seat quote turned into an hour, and the waitress would come in far behind cold tar in a race, so we had a fussy baby toward the very end of the meal.

Saturday morning we went for a walk around campus, and, again, he couldn't care less about the alligators.

week 13 weekend 008

So, to punish him for his indifference, I made it rain and cut his walk short. (but i guess it isn't really punishing him when i have to run a half mile back to the truck in the rain, while he waits, covered.)
We made up for it by letting him take in the wonderful smell of boudin and smoked meat at Johnson's Boucaniere, where they were playing his favorite cd, The Figs.

During the week he got in a good visit with Cousin Caroline, and they actually seemed aware of each other for the first time. It was pretty cool.

week 13 036

He even let her grasp at the crazy-arctic-goat-kangaroo-hairdresser on his mobile.

week 13 069

He's slowly getting more smiley and making more attempts at vocalizations, so we're encouraging him as much as possible.
Now that he's seemingly aware of sound and his ability to make it, I probably need to clean up my vocab. That's going to be a toughie.

He's also trying to reach for toys, but doesn't quite understand that reaching with your hands does not involve kicking with your legs. He'll get it straight some day.

week 13 weekend 029

Friday night we'll probably be going to the symphony followed by fireworks, which should be a good test for him.

and, to close, a little follow up from the Home Depot story, which seems to have universal appeal to all parents. I went back to HD today, and noticed that there are still black splotches on the floor in front of the bird seed.
Moral of the story- Colic Calm stains concrete.

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