Monday, May 19, 2008

Not Meeting Expectations

Sunday, Riley was baptized at Asbury.
Fortunately, he did not live up to our expectations, which were that he would throw a fit in church.
Just like his first trip to church (for Caroline's baptism) he slept through almost the whole thing, and contently sucked on the pacifier for the rest.
He didn't even fuss when a stranger poured water on his head then held him up in front of a room full of even more strangers.

Baptism 3

Baptism 1

he was even able to hold off long enough for a rather lengthy photoshoot outside.

with his parents


With our parents


with some of his greatgrandparents (Joan's mom's parents)

Week 7 110

with his godparents Eli (who is obviously scared of Joan) & Lesley (who was wearing really tall heels)

Week 7 106

and with the Wallace family

Wallace Fam

not discriminating against the Darby's, but Paul's branch wasn't able to make it over from Tigertown so there's no "family pic"

and we don't always clothe him in dresses, but apparently what he was wearing is a gown not a dress (you know, like a night gown or a bridal gown, real men things).
I did not object to him wearing it because Joan, Paul and Caroline all were baptized in it, but I did make fun of him the whole time he had it on, and I think he knows it. Gotta toughen him up.

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