Monday, May 26, 2008

Good news, Bad news

This has nothing to do with the baby, but just a coupl eof items of local interest.

First the good news.
After eliminating the much higher budgeted LSU in the regionals, and taking Houston down on their home turf in the super-regionals, the Lady Cajuns Softball team is headed to the college World Series in Oklahoma City this week.

They have a tough task ahead of them as they have to play the #1 seed, Florida, in the first round. Wish them luck.

and now for the bad news.
Last week a story came out that a 40 year old man had been arrested for slashing a 19 year old in the face with a razor after an argument.
Not a big deal usually, except that the suspect is a local celebrity.

mardi gras 2007 007

Yup, they say it was the Cotton Candy Man,( aka Chris Farley, aka Yum Yum Guy, aka Candy Apple Man) that did it.
We all hope that he is truly innocent, but will leave it to the justice system to find out.
It is scary though that the pic that I took of him at Mardi Gras has him holding a sword. Were we in danger? I doubt it.

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