Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Truth

Forget all you know about science and anything you may have previously read on this blog.

Babies really do come from the stork, who left this on our doorstep today.

Stork Present

Jimmy seems ok with the new arrival, but is more tolerant than friendly.

home 2 008 fixed

And just so that I don't seem totally heartless, (remember, perception is everything, right?) I have to clear something up.

As I was leaving B&F, and as we saw various friends, everyone said they wanted to see the baby soon. I always C'd my A by saying ,"You'll see him if/when he's cute."
We must all acknowledge that, like adults, not all newborns are cute.

That being said, I lucked out and got a damn cute kid (if by luck you mean superior genetics)

And I'm not just saying that because many people say he looks somewhat like I did when I was a baby. (That's not good for his long term outlook.)

So here he is, striking his best "Walk Like an Egyptian " pose, and everyone is welcomed to see him.

home 2 001

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