Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Meeting the family

The first two non-health care professionals to see Riley were Lesley, his godmother, and me, as we were in the room when he made his bloody debut. (literal, not British)

hospital 6 017

Next were my parents and Joan's Mom who were waiting immediately outside, peeking through the door like teenage boys trying to get a glimpse into a strip club.

Since then he has been passed around through many arms and met many family and friends.

Uncle Eli, his godfather stopped by a couple of times to get face time

hospital 6 024

as did Uncle Jake (who has very poor taste in headwear)

hospital 6 029

Uncle Paul brought us sushi the first night, but I don't think he got to hold the baby which was firmly attached to his sister's boob most of the night.

On his first night home, Aunt Liz brought over Cousin Caroline, who, while only 5 weeks older, absolutely dwarfs Riley.

home 1 008

It's not that she's a large baby, she's between 8 and 9 lbs, he's just really tiny.

home 1 014

Though he hasn't been able to tell me yet in English, I can tell that, more than anything, Riley is looking forward to meeting his cousin Hailee, who was the flower girl at our wedding. He hopes she can come down from Connecticut this summer, and he expects her to be alot bigger than she was 5 and a half years ago at the wedding.


Lots of other pics wont make it to the blog, but I've posted them on my Flickr page.
So far there's one set of Riley pics, but I'm sure I'll make more.

So if you want to see baby pics with out my feeble attempts at humor and wit,the link is over in the right hand column.

And thanks to Briney & Foret, and Rabalais Hanna and Hebert for the beautiful flower arrangements.

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