Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sleep Pranks

Today Riley was foolish enough to take a nap on Dad's lap. (he was worn out after our 90 minute walk)
Since Dad has the attention span and sense of humor of a 14 year old, that meant messing with the baby and taking silly pictures while he was zonked.
First, I got all Nick Arrojo on him and played with his hair (the little bit that he has)

His usual look is pulled straight forward

Week 4 112

But every once in a while we'll prep him up with the "natural part"

Week 4 111

That quickly leads to an attempted "reverse part", which ended up looking like a bad combover

Week 4 114

and because of his limited folicular forestation he wasn't quite able to pull off the "Fauxhawk"

Week 4 106

or the "I'm a cool college guy that just got out of bed and am too cool to fix my hair."

Week 4 113

Despite my Abu Ghraib-like antics (without all the pervy stuff) I was able to get some pics that I really like. More of them are posted on my Flickr page.

Week 4 098

Week 4 088

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