Sunday, January 13, 2008


Ahh, the memories come back from getting married 5 years ago.

Yesterday we went shopping by proxy, known to some as creating a baby registry.

I do enjoy going around the store, scanning everything I want, with the hopes that someone else will use their money to buy it for me. ( We are, of course, not that flippant about the matter, and truly appreciate any gifts, while holding no grudge for any lack thereof.) You see the true gratitude in our faces before we head out, right?

registering 005

While the registering part is fun, it's fairly difficult. So many options for strollers, car seats, etc. Then, half of the stuff (usually the half that we like) is available online only.Definite brain drain by the end of the day.

Forgive me, but I must step up on my soapbox for a minute to complain about how difficult it is to find baby boy stuff that isn't baby blue or doesn't have a baseball mitt on it. Don't get me wrong, baby blue is an ok color, in moderation, but a little navy blue, brown, red or even black in a kid's wardrobe isn't gonna hurt him.
Even prison stripes are cool by me, like this onesie sitting in our closet.

So after about 5 hours in store, and a few hours on the computer, we are registered at Target and Babies R Us. Thanks to recent new moms Heather, Amy and Virgina for their expert input.

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EmilysWindowSeat said...

There always yellow and green if you get tired of blue. :) But that is about it! I don't think they make baby clothes in any other colors. :)By the way, I love the Johnny Cash onesie.
I've thought that, perhaps, if I have a girl (in the future) that I will dress her in clothing with footballs and baseballs. She should get to play as much as any boy and she will have more clothing options as well!
I will just have to put a bow in her hair so peopole know she is a girl! :p