Sunday, January 13, 2008


The adding of the new room is done, so we've been able to free up what was the office to now be the nursery.

At the same time we also got new master bedroom furniture. That allowed us to move the furniture that we were using (which Joan got in 2nd grade) into the baby room.

She picked a couple of colors to coordinate with the bedding we want, painted the walls and the furniture, and here's the final product.

Nursery & Furniture 019

Nursery & Furniture 020

We'll be adding stuff to the walls, and of course adding bedding, but those pics are the final color scheme and furniture inventory.

Update- It has been brought to my attention by a friend that we need to be sure not to forget Jimmy in this whole baby preparation process. Rest assured, he is far from forgotten. Even though it doesn't match, he still gets to have his memory foam sofa set up in the nursery so he can sit comfortably and look out of the window all day.

jimmy nursery 2 003

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