Sunday, August 16, 2009

Upwardly Mobile

This week was pretty short on photo documentation, so this ought to be pretty quick.

Not much happened during the week. No major appliance failures though, which we appreciate.

Friday evening was all about the kids as we joined Gabe & his parents, Eli D and his parents and Steve-O at Outback. The kids seemed to have fun and were surprisingly well behaved.

Saturday morning we hit the zoo with Anna and her parents.

Week 72 018

Oddly, the kids were far more interested in the concrete lion than in watching the actual lions wrestling.

Week 72 013
Week 72 026

But then they were even more interested in having their pics taken with the wooden lion.

Week 72 056
Week 72 048
Week 72 067 edit

Then we witnessed a sight that would send chills down the spine of even the most hardened father... a daughter holding hands with my son.

Week 72 087

Eventually, after discussing how gross it is that all of the animals in the petting zoo have chicken crap all over their backs, we made it to the slides.

Riley was more interested in exploring the various areas of the playground than sliding.
But Anna was a slide junkie after her mom was kind enough to dry things off with a spare Pull Up.

Week 72 105

Unfortunately, Riley's nap time is only about an hour after the zoo opens, so he quickly faded to the point of sleeping in the Jeep on the way home.
After an solid nap and his discovering that he can bring books into bed since he can reach the bookshelf, it was time for lunch.

His Nanny had come into town and so did his BR family so it ended up being quite a large crew at Johnsons.

Week 72 152
Week 72 153
Week 72 159

On the way home we braved a Mid-August line at Cajun Sno. (locals know that can be quite daunting)
He then used his highly developed straw skills to put quite a hurt on my King Cake Sno cone (which is awesome. they can actually make ice and syrup taste like cinnamon bread and icing. amazing.)

Week 72 167

That evening we hung out at Anna's house where he demonstrated the previously hidden ability to climb a 9 foot ladder (and get halfway up before anyone notices)

no pics though because we forgot the camera at home (2 blocks away)

Sunday we ran around town in the Jeep and visited Nonnie and Poppy, as if he never gets to see them.

Riley showed how he likes playing with their Jeep better than mine (presumably because theirs has been washed in the last 4 years.)

Week 72 178

He then got to enjoy a game played often by Jeep owners in the summer--- Race The Rain.

Fortunately for him, he hasn't yet learned the consequences of losing. (especially in the back seat)

Week 72 184

That's pretty much it.
Disappointing, huh?
not the Pulitzer caliber stuff you're used to getting here, right?

You get what you pay for.

Maybe you'll at least get a little chuckle out of him jamming to Rage while pretending to drive my Jeep.

if not, you still get what you pay for.

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