Sunday, August 30, 2009

Designed for Speed

No intro. Right to the development updates, namely vocabulary.

The new words keep coming like bad ideas from the White House.
Too quick with the politics?
Oh well.
Back to words about words.

This week he has added Poppy,"Hey Buddy", helicopter sounds, "touchdown" (with hand signals) and the beginnings of "Go Cajuns" to his cache of tricks.

add that to his daredevil Jack**s/Nitro Circus personality and he can be quite entertaining. (and dangerous)

Early in the week we finally broke out the bubble machine that we got back in May and Riley had a blast chasing bubbles around the back yard with Granny Lynn.

Week 74 021
Week 74 012

He also showed us that he is either getting into hip hop fashion or needs to put on some weight so that he can fill out his 12 month shorts. (at 17 months)

Week 74 127

On Friday afternoon, we cooked in preparation for lunch at Heather and Trey's on Saturday.
Our assignments were macque choux and brownies.
I browned up some Johnson's tasso for the macque choux while Riley watched from a safe distance.

Week 74 037
Week 74 039
Week 74 041
(you didn't think we were fancy enough to use "real" corn did you?)

When it came to brownie making time, safe distance went out of the window and it was all about the photo op of a lily white baby on white tile with brownie batter.

Week 74 044
Week 74 051
Week 74 067
Week 74 080
Week 74 083

the brownie mix must have done something to his head because I had to wrestle him down with tickles and tackles just to get his shoes on.

Week 74 099
Week 74 100

Once he was well shod, we met my parents at the new Super Taco Buffet, which opened this week, at the corner of Rena and Johnston.

At least two words in the name are fitting, taco and buffet, but that's about it.
The food is more authentic mexican than most places, which I was looking forward to, but I was disappointed by the execution.
The staff was friendly. A couple of the items were pretty good but nothing was mind blowing. Selection was slim.
The pork tacos were really tough.
Not worth the $12 per person.
They didn't take credit cards, which is a pain.
Worst part about Super Taco Buffet was that they charged us $ .75 each for tap water.
Hope you enjoy that extra $1.50 you made off of us, 'cause it'll be the last.

One interesting thing though was that Riley liked the beef tongue in my Dad's taco.
No pics, but interesting nonetheless.

Week 74 004

I would much rather go to La Pagua Mexican Restaurant (behind Baskin Robbins) where you can get better tasting food with a mix of authentic and tex mex. Good prices too.
That's where you'll find our family for a fix of tacos al pastor, pupusas con chicharon , menudo or chorizo con huevos.

Saturday morning we packed up the food and the kid and headed east to that oozing sore of drunken frat-holes we call our state capital.

Despite the general crappiness of the city's population, there are a few cool people there,including Heather and Trey.
Riley got there straight out of a nap but eventually revved up and played with Lillian. Fortunately she didn't get him to play dress up.

Week 74 125
Week 74 106
Week 74 102

Eventually Lillian lost interest in the new baby, but Riley was enthralled by all of the new (to him) toys.

Week 74 117
Week 74 118

He even broke out his concentration face for the puzzle.

Week 74 121

Once Lillian was over her Annie DVD, she drew some inspiration from the ongoing whooping of the Raiders by the Saints, and tackled Riley in the open field.

Week 74 124

Riley showed much less interest in being tackled by a girl in her underwear than he will in about 12 years, but that's a good thing considering that her dad's SWAT team weapons were probably not far from reach.

Riley also mastered his first magic trick this week, and blew his own mind the first time he did it.

Mini-Houdini here can make a piece of bread disappear using only a plastic bowl and an unopened yogurt. Be amazed (if you have the comprehension of a 17 month old)

and finally a little bit of funny.
Some time mid week, Riley broke free from his Nonnie in mid diaper change.
He decided that he would prefer to slide than be reclothed.

God sure knew what he was doing when he made butt cracks vertical because I'm sure a horizontal split would have made for much less pleasant sliding.
Riley proved to his audience that the cliched simile "smooth as a baby's bottom" is quite true and leads to some high speed slide runs.

Week 74 142 edit
Week 74 137 edit
Week 74 141

Now that's how you end a family blog.
Am I right or am I right?

and does that deserve a NSFW tag?
Sorry if anyone gets canned over my kid's can.

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