Sunday, October 5, 2008

First in Class

It's been another pretty good week around these parts. Riley has really packed in the adventures in the last seven days, and has done really well with all of them.

Friday night, he headed out to his first Lafayette High Band Show, which some people call a football game. The Lions were taking on their rival, Acadiana. The parking situation was ridiculous. We arrived to see what was, at least, a 30 minute line for tickets. After we paid a kid near the front of the line to buy our tickets, we got into the stands and found out it was so packed you could barely move around. Fortunately, the band has a little area where parents and alumni sit, so we were able to separate ourselves from the commoners.

week 27 046light

Lafayette got whooped, but the band did really well. Riley also did well, staying up until after 10 pm, with very little fussing. He was too busy flirting with all of the high school girls to get tired.

Never again though will I go to an LHS/AHS game. The crowd that it attracted was horrible. Nothing but wanna-be thugs, of all races, making fools of themselves and being obnoxious. The police had their hands full, especially with the packs of idiots who though it would be a good idea to just hang out in the middle of the road, blocking traffic.
It was a good way to get a little boost in the energy to devote to being a good parent, so that your kids don't turn out like the wastes that we saw Friday night.

On a happier note though, we did a 5k for the children's museum on Saturday morning and Riley finished first place in the under one year category. After the race he treated us to our first seriously disgusting diaper breach of the solid food era. It really took 15 minutes and a whole pack of wipes to get him clean. I can't shake the memories. Fortunately, no pics.

But the events surrounding the race did get me wondering about some things. In other parts of the country, do people get up on a Saturday morning, run three miles and then, at 8:45 am, stand around eating heavy bowls of rice/sausage/chicken, drinking locally brewed beer (and root beer), eating pralines and listening to a live band?
If they don't, they need to move here, 'cause we sure do.

Saturday evening we skipped out on our 10 year class reunion and, instead, ate with our parents outside at the Filling Station, further taking advantage of the great weather. Not much of a story to tell about the meal but we did get some pretty cool pics.

When we first arrived, he was teetering on the edge of sleep.

week 27 056
week 27 060

Once he saw his waiting grandparents though, he got his second wind.

week 27 068light
week 27 065
week 27 063

He's smart enough to know that a certain someone was going to let him try to drink ice from a big people cup.

week 27 073

As we were waiting for the check, he started to fade.

week 27 083

And by the time we got home, at about 8:15, he was fully spent.

week 27 087

Sunday morning he woke up a good bit earlier than Mommy wanted him to, so we packed up the stroller and headed off on an early morning father-son trek.

week 27 094

We walked over to River Ranch and strolled around for over two hours.

week 27 107
week 27 108

The highlight for him was getting to stare, intently, at all of the various fountains scattered throughout the "village." (my highlight was smelling the food at Another Broken Egg)

week 27 114
week 27 123
week 27 138

By the time we headed home, we were facing directly into the sun, but he was fully protected by a shade we picked up at Babies r Us, made by Kidoppatamus. I highly recommend it. (now that we've learned how to install it properly.) He was able to fall asleep during the last leg of the trip, despite the direct sun shot.

week 27 142
week 27 146
week 27 147

Once we got home, despite the huge seatbelt imprint on his face, he was all cheery and ready to play with Mommy.

week 27 151

On a more random note, you can almost feel a tooth coming out on the bottom, so we're looking forward to that popping out soon.
Hopefully teeth will help to keep some of his spit in his mouth, while he watches Mommy get ready in the morning, or lounges around with Jimmy.
week 27 043
week 27 040
week 27 025
week 27 016

Next week he goes to his first Saints game, which will also be his first road trip over an hour. That will be a test.

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