Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blue Skies for Blue Eyes.

It's been awhile, but this time comes twice a year. After months of misery, we had our first week of beautiful weather.
No rain, low humidity, semi-low temps. You couldn't help but to want to be outdoors. All of the restaurants with outdoor seating have been packed at lunch. The feeling is in the air.

Fortunately, our boy LOVES the outdoors, and we were really able to maximize our opportunity.

Nice fall weather means Downtown Alive in Lafayette. After being canceled three weeks in a row due to weather, the show finally went forward this week. It's always good to get out and see that many people you know, but the music was way too loud and there were way too many people. Riley had fun nonetheless and made lots of new friends.

week 26 002

Saturday morning, we headed out to the nature station to get some walking in and to get Jimmy some free run time. Riley was joined by Granny Lynn, Nonnie, Poppie and their dog Ozzie.
Jimmy and Ozzie were living the good dog life and the adults were able to stare at a beautiful baby in a beautiful setting. I highly recommend treks out there while the weather is good. Surprisingly, the trails were in good shape despite the recent storms, and the mosquitoes were not an issue (and if you know me, you know that mosquitoes and chiggers will travel for miles, upwind and uphill, to feast on me)

After our adventure we headed over to Johnson's Boucaniere (big surprise, huh?) where we were able to enjoy a wonderful lunch on their newly expanded porch. Great food, great people, great setting. It was a very ennjoyable lunch treat.

One bad thing about having such a good time though is that you forget to take pictures. Oh well. Believe me anyway.

Saturday evening, still wanting to enjoy the outdoors we met Joan's parents at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner on their patio. Mr. Cool spent most of his time trying to show us (unsuccessfully) that he can drink out of a cup.

week 26 013

week 26 018

week 26 036

Sunday was the baptism of Riley's second Cousin Eli. As loyal readers know, Eli is big and, despite being 8 weeks younger than Riley, has handed up many clothes. He presently weights four pounds more than Riley.

To be funny, Joan dressed Riley (6 months old) in the outfit that Eli (now four months old) wore home from the hospital. Riley didn't mind us laughing at his size though, as long as we let him sleep and make cool imprints on his face.

week 26 039

That's about it for this week. We had such a good time that there aren't many pics to share. Solid food is going well, his stomach is getting better and he's consistently rolling in both directions as a means to get to what he wants. He's a handful, but worth it.

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