Sunday, August 17, 2008

If it ain't one thing...

....It's another.

Loyal readers know that, for a few weeks, Riley been having some issues with the last step in the digestive process.
On doctor's orders though, we are pumping him with doses of Apple/Prune juice and it seems like things are moving. And when they move, they move.
Yesterday, he had a mega-blowout in the truck on the way to Target. Not quite as shocking now as it was the first time (see the Home Depoo), but no less disgusting. He ended up laying butt naked on the tailgate of the truck, in the middle of the Target parking lot, while we attempted to sanitize him while only minimally contaminating the surroundings.

The juice is a slow introduction into the impending solid food diet. It has started to add some smell to his waste and that's only going to get worse. Not looking forward to it. So far, I've only gagged twice, and it was only when I accidentally touched a puddle of poo. But, judging by what Anna's diapers do to our garbage can, I'm going to need to toughen up the gag reflex real soon.

So as one problem leaves, another arrives.
Our problems have shifted to the opposite end of the digestive tract, and it is an issue that only time will solve.
All signs point to the boy getting teeth.
His drool output needs to be measured, like oil, in barrels.
He's been having evening crying fits that are only soothed by letting him gnaw on something cold. And I think I see two little white spots on the bottom gum.
Hopefully they'll pop out quickly and he'll get back to being peaceful in the evenings.
(his friend Gabe, one week older, just popped one out, so the timing is right.)

No real events to speak of this week. He was going to have a nice early morning bike ride which was cutoff by a thunderstorm, but we sat in the garage and he was hypnotized by the rain and wasn't scared of the thunder.

week 20 003

He's getting really talky, and loud, and bouncy and squirmy. He's becoming a little boy and not a baby.

Saturday, he went to the vet with Jimmy and was talking to all of the staff, telling them how to do their jobs. That's my boy. Supervising already.

He's starting to pay alot more attention to Jimmy, and always reaching for him. He really grips at the fur, but, fortunately, doesn't have enough strength to actually hurt Jimmy with a good yank. We'll be keeping an eagle eye out.
I'm glad they're bonding, but it leads to lots of hand washing.

week 20 036
week 20 038
week 20 044

Not many pics this week, but here's one that would have been cute if the light was right. I'll try for some good pics next week. He'll be making the social rounds and posing for plenty.

week 20 014light

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