Sunday, August 10, 2008

Full of it........Literally

Many times in my 28 years (but mostly the last 15 or so) I've been told that I'm full of it (with "it" being only half of the word of choice)
But, it's always been said in a metaphorical sense.
For the last two weeks though, if you told Riley he was full of it, you would be scientifically correct.
For another week the boy's been hesitant about filling his diaper.
I think it's because all of the media's global warming hype is getting to him, and he's trying to save diapers.
Joan and Dr. Huval think it is because constipation can happen to breastfed babies around his age. I prefer their explanation, 'cause I can't tolerate some environmentalist-wacko, hippy baby living in my house.

Doc told us to give him pear juice, which worked for a day, then upped it to Apple-Prune juice. Still, he went 4 days, straining and crying daily before having a massive diaper explosion that rivaled some of the special effects in the new Batman movie. It was the first time in my life that someone else's BM brought a tear to my eye.
Once the noxious gasses cleared, and it was safe to approach him, in the debris were two undissolved suppositories that had been given to him earlier in the week. What the heck?
Turns out that, like his Mom, he has a lower than normal body temperature.
The effect of that is his innards aren't hot enough to melt the suppository. That is freakin' gross, but pretty hilarious.

Hopefully, now things will be moving on a more regular schedule. But, when they aren't, he's only comforted by pressure on his stomach. One of the best ways I've found is to carry him on my head like a jungle villager fetching water from the crocodile infested river.

He likes it, but somehow we always end up with puddles on the floor.

week 19 057

Now on to less crappy topics (ha,ha, ya get it? see what I did there?)

Monday was his regularly scheduled pediatrician appointment. He clocked in at 10% weight wise and 20% height wise. He's small but still in normal range, so no worries. (despite being tiny, he's almost outgrown his swing. Thanks Landrys. We totally got your money's worth out of it.)

week 19 009

Developmentally, he's on track, so if we can get his guts moving, we should be doctor free for a couple of months.

He got lots of attention Monday when Granny Lynn was his baby sitter. Then he had Nonnie all to himself on Thursday and Friday while Anna was at the beach.

He's found his voice alot more this week, which has been interesting, except during church.

Saturday morning he went for a long walk around UL's campus. He enjoyed the scenery for a while, hanging out with Granny Lynn and watching Jimmy run around.

week 19 014
week 19 019

but, eventually, he fell into one of his forceful sleeps. It just looks like it takes so much effort to keep his eyes closed.

week 19 030

Just to keep his ego in check, knowing he couldn't partake, we went to Johnson's Boucaniere, after the walk, for some awesome pulled pork sandwiches.

week 19 034

He was jealous, but ended up just eating his bib and pretending it was a Johnson's sandwich. (imagination is good)

week 19 036

Sunday night, he went to UL Fan Day, but didn't stay long because it was hot and all of the drinks had caffeine (which means Mom and Dad, both abstainers were thirsty). The new turf is nice, everyone should check out a couple of games this year. It is a much friendlier, less obnoxious environment than that vomitorium of purple and yellow an hour to our north-east.

week 19sunday 011

week 19 fanday

and in defiance of all logic, he fell asleep in the big, loud, sunny, rough riding Jeep on the way home.

week 19sunday 016

See ya next week.

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