Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Results

After waiting for what seemed like 5 months, we finally had the 20 week ultrasound, and our progeny can finally take on a gender specific pronoun. Turns out the baby is a.......

To fully understand the picture above, think of yourself as the seat of a chair. That picture is what you would see if our kid was sitting on you.

I think we did ok with not getting our hopes up more for either gender. Actually, we both want one of each. The boy thing does workout though, because when we were picking out our crib, it was setup with a pirate themed bedding that Joan really wanted. So, in the ultrasound room she commented, "Now we can get that pirate bedding."

Of course people are wondering if she will be cursed like my Mom and never get to hold a little girl. I quickly got one text message asking, "Do Wallaces even know how to make girls?" HaHa Rob (Who coincidentally has a boy. Pot, meet Kettle). Only time will tell if we'll ever be paying for a wedding, and we've got a few more years to try.

Now it's time to hit the name books. We went through the boy half of a 100,000+ name list yesterday. Definitely a multicultural book. I now know a whole lot more Indian, Korean, Arabic, and Hindi names than I ever thought I would.

When you narrow that list down to names that could actually be given to a fair skinned baby, as ours is sure to be, there are maybe 5,000 names. Of those, we liked 5. Now we're playing with combinations of those. We don't plan to pick one in particular until the baby is born. (There will be plenty of time for monogramming later)

I guess its time to pick a nursery color and starting getting that all lined up. We should be able to move stuff into the new room next week, then what is now the office will officially be promoted to nursery.

She's starting to feel the baby inside, but still nothing from the outside. Here's a pic of where the baby lives. Can't really tell from the front.

But you can from the side.

That's it for now.

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