Monday, March 15, 2010

Feeling The Models

Still having internet trouble, but I'll try to knock this out while I seem to be getting through.

If you're just stopping by for the first time this week, please see the post below regarding a stray dog that has taken up residence in our front yard.

We can't keep her but we don't want her to die. If you know of a friendly home, please let us know.

The dog is really cramping Riley's style. Earlier in the week, we had resumed the garage breakfast picnic which actually gets Riley to eat and helps him learn lots of words like "Slow down jacka$$" and "Look it's Tweedle Dumb and Tweedler Dumb."

Week 102 (1)
(though the dog is friendly, we're trying to keep her out of the garage, mostly because she doesn't want to leave once she's in.)

Making signs, calling shelters and trying to get the dog to find its old home took up most of our Saturday. But we did have a chance to go and test drive a van that we'll likely be buying in the next 6-8 months or so.

After realizing that we would have to buy a $300 ticket for Riley to fly to Orlando, we decided it would be better to drive, but that driving would require a new vehicle.

So, to save $300, we're going to spend $XX,000.
Makes sense doesn't it?

We got Riley to consent to the test drive by telling him it was a "Disney World van"

For at least a year, we have know that a mini-van is the most practical choice for Joan's next car, but she refused to relinquish her self identification as being "young" and "cool." That is until the 2011 Toyota Siennas came out.
Saturday, we headed down to Musson Patout so see the color we want in person.
We know know exactly what we want and are just waiting until the timing is right financially to pull the trigger.
Behold the 2011 Toyota Sienna in Pre-Dawn Gray.


But if the 2011 Odysseys look good when they come out, then we're back to square one. Unfortunately though, their preview pics are pretty bad, so it seems like our decision is made for us.

Now, for your entertainment purposes, that leaves just Sunday.

In honor of Dr. Uncle Paul's birthday and in order to give Riley some face time with his long lost Nanny, we headed down to NO to check out the last weekend of the Disney animation exhibit at the Museum of Art.

Week 102 (40)

I can tell you it was a certifiably great idea, judging by the fact that EVERYONE else in Louisiana was there except for you. (yes, I do mean you, my Everyman-ish reader.)
The exhibit looked pretty cool, but was really crowded and Riley needed a nap after traffic had stretched our drive an extra 45 minutes.

After the museum we ate at Theo's Pizza near the corner of Carrolton and Canal.
Riley wasn't in a pizza mood, but proudly demonstrated his ever evolving yogurt eating skills.

Week 102 (51)

The place seems pretty hip and instead of a number identifying your table, you sport a placard with a cool-cat cult figure. We happened to be Christopher Walken.

Week 102 (73)

The food was pretty good, but Riley was much more impressed by the beautiful day outside and the sights of New Orleans.

Week 102 (63)
Week 102 (70)

He took special delight in his massacre of, literally, micrograms of ants who dared to scurry about his sidewalk domain.

Week 102 (61)
Week 102 (58)

(while brandishing a 2 inch long pointed stick as an ant smasher, his kill accuracy was on par with Bobby Hebert's pronunciation accuracy after a Saints win)

He also found it hilarious to tell me that he had ants in his mouth.

Week 102 (67)
(his new trick is talking with his tongue out like the Melissa Stevenson song Love To Move)

Our plan was to then head to the Audubon zoo.
This weekend was Soul Fest and we were hoping to catch Rebirth and maybe a little soul food.

Unfortunately, it looked like everyone in Louisiana (except you) was at the zoo too.(though you were "axt" for by the monkeys, tigers and elephants)

We were still a half mile from the zoo and people were parking on the side of the road and walking. Definite no go with two nap deficient 2 year olds.

Instead we made the oh so undesirable compromise of going to Creole Creamery and contributing to the local economy, and the general decline of our own health.

Week 102 (120)
Week 102 (102)

As I've posted before, this place does mini scoop samplers and with a menu like this, it is hard to choose just a few.

Week 102 (101)

The hit of the day, for the women folk, was the Lavender and Honey, while the mens were all hopped up by the Guinness Cherry Stout, (get it?) which actually tasted like cherry and beer ice cream. Quite cool.

Riley showed us how it looks to live life like no one is looking at you, while Caroline, knowing that people were looking, tried to camouflage herself with ice cream.

Week 102 (94)
Week 102 (98)

That's about it aside from these shots of Riley's new Buzz Lightyear pajamas in honor of the re-release of the first two Toy Story movies.

To Infinity and Beyond

Week 102 (35)
Week 102 (30)

PS- In addition to recommendations on where to send the stray dog, we're also taking pro and con advice on Toyota salesmen/dealerships. Thanks.


Unknown said...

Buy a Honda! If you decide to, I can give you the name of a salesman (well, woman).

Unknown said...

Ah ... the minivan ... just gave mine up a year ago after having one for about 8 years. I always hated them because they cramped my style, but knew a van was a practical choice. We've had 2 Dodge Caravans. Do not get a Dodge ... air conditioner broke on both vans. Definitely go for the Honda first and the Toyota second. My mom has the Sienna and has had it forever with no problems.

I must go to the Creole Creamery.