Monday, January 25, 2010

Better Late than Never ??

For reasons that should be obvious, I was unable to post on Sunday night. But don't worry, not much to say this week anyway.

We are thankful that at least one thing has gone right in the first month of 2010, in that the Saints are in the Super Bowl.

Some may take that as a sign that the end times are drawing near, but we'll just use it as a little picker-upper.

Pretty slow week for us as to things you may want to read about or see here.

On Friday I picked up a bike for my Mom at Academy. Never being one to pass up a good impulse buy, I also picked up a little pop gun that shoots foam balls.
Riley and Anna immediately took to it.

They both know that if they stand against a wall, put their hands in the air and say I "freeze", they'll get shot. Kinda like real life. (low blow, I know.)
The best part is that they think picking up all of the balls afterward is half of the fun. Suckers!

Twice now, Riley has pulled me away from whatever I was doing, saying "daddy shoot me."
He goes to the end of the hall, closes the doors around him and waits.

The balls aren't hard and he hasn't complained even when one accidentally hit him in the face. (the accuracy of the toy and me are both horrible. Of the 10 shots per load, only 2 or 3 hit the perp)

But, we discovered yesterday that they do leave some pretty macho marks for a couple of minutes when they hit bare skin.

Week 95 027

(Note of clarification , so no one gets the wrong ideas- We discovered the red dots after shooting one loading of the gun. The unraised red dots disappear in a minute or two, but, just in case, he now has to wear a shirt when we play with the gun. And I shot myself in the face, point blank, and it doesn't hurt. I know most sensible people would think nothing of it, but some sensible friends have pointed out that not everyone is sensible people)

Most of my weekend was spent on the installation of our new, custom entertainment center by Cajun Closets.

Here's a shot of the old one.

Week 95 005

and what we started with Saturday morning.

Week 95 008

and one step into the process.

Week 95 015

Taking shape

Week 95 025

We've still got another day's worth of work before it is totally done, but its in enough right now to be able to get our electronics set up and make the room usable.
Final product shots to come soon.

Riley got to play with Caroline alot as Uncle Paul spent most of his weekend trying to fix our computer that was decimated by a virus last week. No pic because I was busy constructing.

All work had to stop though for the biggest pro football game, to date, in Louisiana history.
We packed up an headed over to Anna's house.

Week 95 032

We watched the second half at home which was a good idea, given how stressful it was.

Thats about it.

oh, I almost forgot...........WHO DAT!!!


jbg said...

I love that you are documenting your child abuse. Such forward thinking! LOL I hope you watch Modern Family and I hope you saw the one about shooting your child. You would do just fine.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I don't know if I'd have put up the pictures with the marks on my baby.

Anyway, remember last year I mentioned something about the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure and how the foundation supports Planned Parenthood. I think you clarified something for me. Did you say that the Lafayette chapter does not?
How can I verify that?

bwallace said...


we actually saw that episode of modern family last week, and can't say it wasnt an inspiration.

but bb's and 2 inch foam ball are quite different. :)