Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Suck Stops Here

Disclaimer- the title of this post is not meant to reference the quality of said post, but you'll see that by the end.

Things have been a little rough around here thanks to a great disturbance in the star of the show's sleep schedule.

If you are actually around us, or just follow the progression of Riley's slowly bucking front teeth, you know that he is a bedtime thumbsucker.

We're lucky in that he only does it when he's tired and holding his "blanket", but it's pretty much the only way he'll calm down to sleep.

Week 86 073
Week 86 075

Because of this, he has a huge callous on the thumb, which the doctor said is normal.

But last week it dried out a little and cracked. That was followed by a little infection and a good bit of inflammation.

Week 86 113

Now it hurts too much for him to suck, thus making sleeping difficult.
Even though it was rough, we hoped it would maybe break the habit.
Alas, he is slowly regaining suckage strength. oh well.

Saturday, Riley, who sees very little TV, headed to the Cajundome to see Disney on Ice with Nonnie and Poppy.

Week 86 111

We were worried that he wouldn't care much because he doesn't know the characters.

Despite what his face says in this shot, we were wrong.

Week 86 042

They had great seats.

Week 86 004

and reported that he was mesmerized the whole time (except during the Incredibles.)

Week 86 052

He was a little scared by the Beast, who was huge, and by the Genies, who look way more tripped out than I recall in the movie.

Week 86 022
Week 86 012

After the show, they stopped by Jason's for a grilled cheese and fruit that he barely ate despite his seeming enthusiasm.

Week 86 056

Joan and I were at the funeral of a good friend's father that morning, and by the time we got back in the car, were thoroughly convinced that the cold rain made it too miserable out to even attempt the Cajuns game.

The cold and rain didn't stop us from getting Tagalong(TM) Blizzards from Dairy Queen, but.......... whatever............ Don't judge us.

Sunday he watched the Saints game in his new, retro Sir Saint shirt from his Nanny.
He's getting really good at spotting things around town and either saying go Cajuns or Go Saints.

Week 86 087
Week 86 090
We're still working on "Boo Tigers"

To round out the week, blocked off Sunday evening for the member showing of the Safari of Lights at the Zoo of Acadiana.
We've always said we needed to go, but never got around to it.

Entry tonight was free for annual members, and even then, I'm not sure we got our money's worth from it. It was pretty weak.

Week 86 092

Except the Santa helicopter. That was cool.

Week 86 099

and in closing, I'll get back to bad puns and semi-running jokes.

Riley and Anna had a picnic on the patio this week.

Week 86 071

and yet again, he took a food name at face value and was way off base when he heard that restaurants were having success with cooking Sliders.

Week 86 062

Ouch. Even Anna didn't think that was funny.

Week 86 061

but you keep coming back anyway.
It's almost embarrassing.

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Kim said...

I have a blanket toting thumbsucker too.