Saturday, October 10, 2009


For reasons that will not be revealed (even i care a smidgen about internet security/privacy), i have very little time to post this week, so this should be quick and dirty.
You know, like brain surgery, but more important.

Riley is expanding his vocab exponentially and is using lots of sentences. There are still some things that we just can't figure out, but, for the most part, we can react properly to his verbal communication.

Reacting properly sometimes included leaving him to figure his way out of a self induced dilemma when he lets you know "I stuck."

Week 80 021

He's aiming for more doctor visits by trying to swallow plastic ice cubes.
It's his choice.

Week 80 006

Our big event of the week was the UL v North Texas Game.
Because of the heavy rains on Friday, Riley scored his first pair of boots (and eventually re-learned to walk properly)

Week 80 026

That rain came along with a "cold front" which gave Joan a good reason to dress the kid in her old, super-retro USL hoodie.

Week 80 019

His sunglasses have now become his favorite accessory

Week 80 033

For the game, Joan made spirited brownies.

Week 80 018

As usual, for tailgating Riley ran around and tried to avoid Mr Ryan's threats to eat his face.

Week 80 034

unlike usual though, he planted himself firmly in a fire ant pile.
it either took him a while to notice or at least to inform someone, because by the time we got to him, he had ants all the way up inside of his shirt, thus necessitating a complete stripping.

Week 80 035

He didn't seem terribly bothered by the bites, and seemed to be quite pleased with being semi-naked. Didn't even bother him enough to drop his treasured rock and washer entertainment combo.
Special thanks to Ms Daisy who is a well prepared parent and had a bite relief stick that helped us out.

Week 80 037
Week 80 038

Once he was dressed, he just laid low, literally.

He spent a long time just hanging out under the table.

Week 80 041
Week 80 043

Finally, it was game time.
I don't know if it is just our section or the stadium as a whole, but it felt like we were in a wind tunnel.
The adults were completely unprepared for the chill, but he was ready to be warm and look cool.

Week 80 063
Week 80 061

The cold weather even made him hungry, which is amazing.

Week 80 070
Week 80 068

We stayed through halftime to see Anthill and the softball team get some recognition for their accomplishments last year.

Week 80 079arrow

after that, we had to bail.
It was just too chilly to stay.
Not as cold as it is in Boulder, Colorado though. (from what i hear)


Nicole Street said...

Love Love Love the USL hoodie!

Becky said...

I'm glad to see my kid is not the only one still wearing USL stuff. My dad says he will never kiss his "S" goodbye!