Sunday, December 14, 2008

We live in Louisiana?

I apologize in advance for the complete lack of creativity in this blog.
I'm sick and waiting for my NyQuil to kick in. (original formula, the stuff you can make meth with)

From what my mom tells me, our home has turned into a battle zone during the day, as Riley and Gabe play "Bumper Walkers" and push each other around and into things.

week 37 001

Anna seems to be showing a inclination toward the automotive repair industry given that she was spotted this week crawling under Riley's walker. I would guess she was fixing damage from his most recent battle with Gabe.

week 37 068
week 37 070

In addition to fixing vehicles, she also like to pretend to drive them. But, like most women I see on the road, she spends most of her time in the mirror. (I keed, I keed)

week 37 073

Riley is steadily expanding his solid food diet, and, judging by his posture and expression, is getting quite cocky about his eating abilities.

week 37 083
week 37 086

He definitely shows better posture when he stands up every time we put him into bed now. But it's usually just a matter of going in and laying him back down two or three or seventeen times before he gets the hint and goes to sleep.

Speaking of solid food, he's eating his first meat this week, and in case you can't guess what it is, here's a visual clue.

week 37 091

Yup, he's eating pulled pork from our friends over at Johnson's Boucaniere. (the boudin shirt was just a red herring)

We ordered a four ounce cup of meat and are giving him a little everyday. He's really tearing it up too. We would both be crushed if he had poor taste in food, but he appears to be on the right track.

We spent about an hour there while he kept everyone laughing with his horribly goofy faces and sounds. He embodies the ultimate in cheesiness, especially with his top two teeth coming in.

Here he is showing his Poppy his mean face.

week 37 095

Which was quickly blasted away with a little tickling.

week 37 105

He repeatedly showed us his cheesy whale call face.

week 37 100
week 37 094

And then, in a moment of absolute awesomeness, he made one of the most horrific faces ever. Keep in mind, this is not a lucky snapshot. He made the face and held it. Such a Goober!

week 37 099

That seems to be about it for the week.
But it feels like I'm missing something.
What could it be?
Oh yeah!

It snowed here.

That sentence is really hard to type without the expletives needed to reinforce the significance of the statement, but this is a family blog.

On Wednesday afternoon, the weatherfolks predicted light snow overnight, and we, of course, paid no attention.

Everyone was surprised though on Thursday morning when they woke up to find their streets looking like this.

week 37 023

Snow has fallen a few times in the last decade or so, but the last time that I remember any real snow on the ground was in the late 80's.

Judging by what was sitting on our fence, I'd say we got 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch.

week 37 067

My truck had a nice blanket over it.

week 37 066

The flakes were really big and showed up perfectly on Jimmy's coat.

week 37 047

We tried to get a good pic, but, between the lighting conditions at 6 am, and Riley's refusal to be still, this is the best we could do.

week 37 043

Baton Rouge got it even harder than we did. Check out Paul's blog, (linked on the right) for a rundown of BR's climatological freak show.

The End

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