Sunday, November 30, 2008

Short Week

Despite being an active week, I really can't think of much to write about.

Having a couple of days off gave me and my buddy a few chances to get out and about.

Thursday morning, we went for a long father-son walk and spent some time watching the cows along the Camellia extension. He brings his tunes along for the ride, so the cows got to hear some good music.

week 35 014
week 35 013
week 35 006

Friday morning we took a bike ride and had breakfast at Sonic. When pulling approximately 40lbs of baby/trailer/diaper bag, you can quickly find out how out of shape you are.

week 35 034
week 35 039

Thursday we made 3 stops at various family functions and he put on his best cuteness show, but needed to rest a little between performances.

week 35 022
week 35 019

not being one to settle for inactivity, he headed down to Erath on Friday where he got to pet a horse and hang out with his great-great-grandmother, who is over 98 years older than he is, and a gaggle of his 2nd cousins.

week 35 056
week 35 057
week 35 046

While we were there, I was almost killed by a snake.
It was, I would estimate, a 12 foot long cross between a black mamba and an anaconda.
It was either that or a two foot long garter snake. But, regardless of those piddly details, I almost set my hand down on it and I'm pretty sure it struck at me. Fortunately, my scream did not sound as girly to third parties as it did to me, but I was beyond paranoid for the rest of the day. Every leaf that blew into me felt like dive bombing pit vipers. I've moved on though, as you can tell.

Saturday evening, we ate with my parents where he was, of course, completely ignored.

week 35 061
week 35 076

Tonight, he was in for even more of a treat when Joan's mom babysat him. Since he was born, we've only made it to Blue Moon once, but tonight a guy that we would usually see at the Blue Moon, Scott H Biram, played an early show in Scott at Bourque's Social Club. We got to see a rockin' trucker-blues-country show from an internationally touring artist in a room not much bigger than a large living room,and we're still getting to bed before 10. It doesn't get much better than that.

week 35 104
And SHB is a great entertainer. Joan was laughing out loud at his witty banter.

Not sure if we've got anything good going on this week, but you'll find out in 7 days if you're nice enough to come back.

Disclaimer: To any of my co-workers who may be coming for the first time after having seen the link in the Winter Newsletter- if you're on a work connection, you're may not be getting the full effect. SF's intranet has recently, on a couple of occasions, blocked which is where all of my pics are stored and linked from. Without the pics, this blog is pretty bad. But I promise that if you check it from any other connection, the pics of the cute kid make it all worth a click.

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