Monday, February 11, 2008

First Cousins

There are two cousins in this picture.
Liz & Joan_edited

No, Joan and Liz aren't related (that would be weird for Paul), but the babies so radically distorting their midsections are cousins.
Paul (Joan's brother) and Liz are due pretty much any day now with a little girl.

The Darbys (Lynn and Larry)are going to go from 0 to 2 grandkids in a matter of 2 months. They need to pick their grandparent names soon.

We're pretty excited that our kid will get to have a cousin close to his age, like we both had growing up. We never really expected our kids to have many cousins due to the fact that our parents took the more modern approach with kids instead of, like their parents, breeding to staff small plantations.

Liz will stay in Lafayette for a while after the birth, instead of heading back home to the state crapital. Hopefully Joan will have a chance to go do some observation and practice some of the basics of baby care that I won't be doing. That's what moms are for ;)

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